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Memorial Day weekend is arriving in Beach Haven for theboats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. Usually this is theunofficial start of summer, but thanks to the cool water temperatures, thecurrent bite is more of a spring one.

Black sea bass came back in season on Monday, May 19, andsummer flounder are legal once again on Friday, May 23. The big catching newshowever, revolves around the presence of large numbers of bluefish in allsizes.

The bays are filled with schools of 1-3 pound blues racingall over. Little Egg and Beach Haven Inlets have 1-5 pounders. When you getinto the ocean, the big choppers can get up to 12 pounds or more.

Pound for pound, there are few fish that can match thefight of a bluefish. Blues less than 5 pounds that have been bled and chilledmake for good table fare if eaten fresh.

Captain Gary Dugan of Irish Jig Sportfishing was outlooking for striped bass but encountered “blues, blues, and more blues.” Hereports that he also encountered a couple of dozen big dogfish in the bay.While these are catch and release, big dogfish give a nice fight and oftenbecome airborne to add excitement to the fight.

Captain Gary reports that he has not yet given up on thestripers and will also be pursuing black drumfish as well as some fluke.

Additional information on the association can be found at
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