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The Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association will kick off its third season training teenagers to work in the charter boat industry in the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Junior Mate Training Program.

The sign up will be held at the Beach Haven Coast Guard Station, Pelham and West Avenues, at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 15. A parent or legal guardian must attend to sign the permission form.

The seasonal program cost is $25.

All Junior Mates will be provided Junior Angler memberships in IGFA.

Training subjects will include tackle maintenance and rigging, boat maintenance, navigation, safety, first aid, weather, proper fish handling, etc. If enough new Junior Mates join the program, we will also offer the NJ Boaters Safety Course to all Junior Mates who have not already passed that course.

Junior Mates will be assigned to member charter boats during the sign up evening for additional on the job training. Junior Mates who have the appropriate proficiency to work on charter boats with paying passengers aboard will be required to take the Coast Guard approved drug test. Those requirement siwll be discussed during the sign up evening.

We invite all teenagers who want to become better fishermen to join this program. Two of our graduates have already passed their Coast Guard Captains License test.

Call 609-290-3349 or check the Junior Mate page at Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association webpage. You may also e-mail [email protected] for more information. The program application and Parental Release are both on the website.
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