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Beach Haven Marlin Tourney ?????

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Does anyone know the dates for this year?

I am also looking for any marina recommendations for the tourney.
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The 41st Annual BHM&TC WHite Marlin Invitation will be held on July 28th through July 31st 2010. For slips please contact Morrisons Marina @ 609-492-2150
For a great atmosphere, as well as a friendly and helpful staff, you could also dock at Beach Haven Yacht Club which is located two short blocks to the south of Morrison's right across from Tucker's Restaurant and Bar.

Here is the link to their website:

It's a great tournament and I already anxiously await the 2010 event.
Thanks guys.
Great event. Won it with an 82lb. White two years ago on the Marlin Hunter. A lot of guys seem to tuna fish in this tourney, so if you billfishing your odds are decent.
Marlin Tourney?

It is kind of misnamed. Always saw that one as more of a tuna tournament.

Probably 75% of the boats in it fish for tuna. Payout is 50/50 for marlin and tuna as well.
anyone looking for a few for this one let me know myself and my budy would like to jump on
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