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Before the Clean-up- fishing

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The action the last 3 days has been white hot on the beach of absecon island. I was in Longpot this morning and it was MAYHEM all up and down the beach. I think i'll probably hit the suds in the morn(before sun up) and fish till the clean up time. Anyone interested in hooking up?
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I'm going to the clean up with my son and was looking for places to fish in the area either before or after the clean up. I'm not familiar with the area
and was looking for recomendations. Is absecon island
near the bridge we are cleaning up?
It's 10 min away. Absecon island consists of Longport, Margate, Ventnor, and Atlantic city. In that order from south to North. I won't be going past Margate. Unless I see somethin like I did this morning to the north. ;)
If you have your son you could do the Longport jetty, or the new pier between longport and Ocean city. If he has waders then hit the beaches. It would be worth it.
I'm guessing that's the ocean side- my son has hip boots so we might give it a shot. The west winds could slow things down a bit. Thanks for the info -
if I don't run into you there I'll see you at the clean -up! I have a red Tacoma with one of those soccer ball magnets on the back.
I will be on the beach somewhere in the morning
just not sure if that will be on a Ocean,Atlantic
or CapeMay County Beach Yet...Playing It By Ear..

*But Good Point eelball, it's worth a good look
before and after the clean-up based on the
last couple of days action in the surf.....

If anybody wants to get in touch with me or
needs directions,send me a Email and we can
exhange Cell Numbers for Saturday....
Originally posted by Whiteyr:
One more question - plugging or bait?
bring your biggest metal and throw it as far as you can
If I can get out before dawn- I'll give the beach by the Longport jetty a try. I have a Maroon Astro Van. I'll be wearing a Brown Bronco jacket.
Thanks for the info on the potential. I neede an excuse to choose a rig.( I only bring 1- don't like leaving stuff in the vehicle)So I'll be bringing a surf plugger. I haven't caught anything in the surf (besides flounder) since mid-summer. Struck out the past 5 (recent) times there- SO I'd be happy to even catch a twinkie stripe (in the surf). If I end up going to the back-I'll be over-gunned (w the surf rig) but I keep ending up there because thats where I catch.
If I miss you on the beach-I'll look forward to meeting you at the clean up.
Looks like the son and I will be sleeping in - cleanup first - then fish the high tide/dusk -probably whalebeach vicinity. I wouldn't mind the 4am wakeup call but with low tide at 7 or so and a west wind it doesn't seem worth it. Breakfast, cleanup and then fishing seems to be the way to go, especially with a 15 year old! See you tomorrow!
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