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Belmar Blues?

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I have a Company fishing trip on the Golden Eagle Sat night for Blues. Anyone know the boat or how they are doing on the blues up there? I'll post my results Sun.
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I know that the fishing has been pretty good up there! In fact, I was planning a trip sometime this week!
Hey Skip, we did ok on the blues. The wind made for some tough fishing with 90 lines blowing strait back to the stern. Every hookup ment a massive tangel and all the mates could do was cut everyone off. I spent more time rerigging than fishing. The real high light was the run back in. We took green water over the rail a couple of times that washed all the coolers to the stern. The mate said at least he wouldn't have to clean the puke off the deck. I'll stick to the 6 man charters from now on.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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