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For those of you who are going on March 7th, be sure to stop by and say hello to Kevin Gledhill from Greenpoint Tackle Co.

3oz. GT Deep Diver - Gold Scale

Largely inspired by the late Gary Hull, aka "Gary2," Kevin took the hand-carved lure ball and ran with it. IMHO Kevin makes some of the best lures available today!

...but don't take my word for it! Stop by and check'em out for yourself :)

Greenpoint Tackle Co. Is A Proud Supporter Of The Bass Barn!

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Where is this held at?
Berkeley Striper Club
Fishing Flea Market
Mar. 7, 2010
Hugh Boyd Jr Elementary School
1200 Bay Boulevard
Seaside Heights NJ 08751
Time: 9:00am-2:00pm

•Garden State Parkway to Exit 82 (Route 37 East)
•After you cross over the Toms River Bridge, stay to the left following the sign for Route 35 North Seaside Heights/Pt. Pleasant
•Come off ramp and around onto Rt. 35 North bearing right for Seaside Heights
•Bear left at the “Welcome to Seaside Heights” marquee sign
•At stop sign make a left onto Bay Boulevard

kevin makes some mightly fine fishing lures can't wait to see his pencil poppers and everlasting shads

*also look to fine Ryan Smith's RM Smiths Lures along with some of his friends

* here is some more information that is going to make this show and ryan smith's appearance pretty special

collaboration plugs
but just not your normal say two plug builders getting together and working of some lures together

ryan will be introducing to NJ a few up and coming craftsmen that within each of their own have some special fishing lures to offer everyone

bottle plugs
how many times have you wanted to fish in the nasty type conditions that striped bass thrive but didn't have the proper style plug to dig in and hold during rough conditions
well you will see some custom made bottle plugs made by EastEndLu
a NY builder that has been in many of locals surf bags fishing the eastern shore for years

pencil poppers
wayne hess from guppy lures will also be working with ryan and bringing you poppers
i can tell you that you will not fine a better pencil that just rockets off your rod tip in a perfect straight line not some of them all of them

plastic lip swimmers by johnny
thats right plastic lip off center custom wood plugs
for those fishermen that get a chance to pick these up and fish them this year you are going to be very suprised
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