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I am looking for good bass & pickeral baits i cant get alot of baits this year because i spent a good amount of money on a trolling motor. Parents wont let me. Also good bait casting rods that wont brake my bank. The last thing is "Hi, to all my fellow bass fishermen." i have been fishing for 13 years so pretty much since I was 2.
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The basic bass and pickeral baits, I'll name a few, but man there are an absolute ton of good baits.

Jerkbaits- Zoom Flukes, Smithwick Rogues, Rapala X-Raps

Spinnerbaits- Booyah Blades are a favorite of mine

Chatterbaits- Boogee Baits, Zman Chatterbaits, Revenge Viberator

Worms- Yammamoto Senkos, Zoom Trick Worms, Powerworms

Topwater- Pop-R, Heddon Spook/Zara Spook, Spro Rojas Frog

Frogs- Stanley Ribbits, Sizmic Toads, Yum Money Frogs

Jigs- Most any jigs are good, just make sure it fits what your throwing and has a strong hook (Black/Blue, and Brown/Orange are a favorite of mine. White for a swim jig.)

Lipless Cranks- Strike King Red Eye Shads, Cotton Cordell Super Spot

All of these will work for both bass and pickeral, but like I said, its just the tip of the iceberg. There are soooo many great bass and pickeral baits that work at different times of the year.

As for a cheap baitcaster, I really like the new Abu Garcia Vendetta rods for 79$. For cheaper than that, the Berkley Lightning Rods are decent for a cheaper rod.
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Welcome to the Barn Dude,

you should get a variety of answers, we have excellent anglers on the site.

Heres a some of my Favs, 4 and 5 inch Senkos in watermelon/red flake.

Manns Baby 1-, Strike Kings Red Eye Shad.

I havent tried these Rods but they felt in my hand, Abu Garcia Vendetta, Fenwick HMX, Skeet Reeces rod, St. Croix Mojo and Mike Iaconelli all in the same price range.

Good luck.
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:D Welcome aboard!!! Lipless cranks and chatter baits are good for both species. Jigs are great for bass.

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5 in senkos can be used great for both. work it slow for bass and speed twitch it in for pickerel. works for me:thumbsup:
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