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Best way to preserve bunker

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I have been vacuum sealing whole bunker and storing them in a serious freezer for years now. Lately I have heard some guys talk about brining as a better way or light brining and then vacuum sealing. Any thoughts?
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I have not heard of bunker preserving very well at all. Vacuum sealing fresh bunker then slow thawing my keep them from getting mushy, but there is no substitute for fresh bunker.
when you catch them ice them and vac seal .bast way to keep them and better then you can buy.
Also a good way to freeze them is to gut them, ice them immediately in a salt ice mixture and vaccumm seal as soon as possable.
The guts wash out almost immediatly when you use them anyway.
They seem to preserve better that way and work as well or better than any store bought frozen bunker.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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