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Friday, March 10, 2023, was a major milestone for our Junior Mates Artificial Reef Project.
With support from the Sportfishing fund, 18 reef balls were deployed on The Garden State North reef.
GSN is the last of the four reefs off Long Beach Island for us to add material.
Our stated goal is to repopulate the four reefs off LBI and we are well on the way.
But this isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning of our multigenerational project to build marine habitat so that our Junior mates and their children will be successfully fishing the reefs when they reach my age.
This latest patch reef will be named the
“New Jersey Maritime Museum” patch reef
In recognition of their many years of support of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association and our Junior Mate program.
What a great way to start off our twentieth year of operation.
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Do you have the coordinate for this reef yet?
Thanks for the coordinates. Also note the MOST important time to not disturb new module placements is the first 2 weeks. This is the period when the resident fish in the area....knowing that there is a new structure, will be checking it out and they actually display and "fight" with other fish of similar size/species in mock battles to determine which fish will get to come back to the reef once the food chain develops (Food chain development is what I presume you are referring to as six months which is about right in NJ. it kinda depends on local conditions but usually at least a summer season in the north or sometimes multi-year in the tropics and it depends on the food source for the fish, for example, Sheepshead's primary food which is barnacles will often find new material suitable in as little as a month since barnacles grow so fast whereas fish that eat bait will move in when the bait finds the habitat suitable (sometimes right away when the material is disturbing the water column in a way that makes feeding on plankton easier). Other food sources can take longer to develop (think shellfish, crustaceans, algae, etc). The point is disturbing the territory claiming rights part can lead to the resident fishes not laying claim and that can delay the development of a robust community later.
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