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Big Herring

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For those obsessive - compulsive people, like myself of course :D , chasing big bass, for whatever it is worth they seem to be here. I fished the inlets of Atlantic County last night and ran into some nice sized herring, a big change from previous nights and yes there were some large bass chasing them. I could hear garbled sounds of herring mating calls mixed with screams of terror as they got bullied up the river :rolleyes: , poor souls . So grab your favorite fishing partner(Dad and Son) and GET OUT THERE. Good Luck

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Thanks for that report DR...Good news for us early season river guys!!!!
Thanks for the report Dr....I'm getting ready and can't wait...Until than Pazman
Paz, fsh, are you planning ahead for April 5th.????
April 5th???...I'm planning ahead for tommorow!!!! :D ...Is that the run of the herring date???
It is a full moon.
Good Deal...Thanx Dr ;)
I think someone must be,Guatelama dave has some!!!Check out the striper forum!
the herring are in mays landing now.there must be 40 cars there.bill
Happens every year. I guess that dirt road is so badly backed up by now the few poor souls who got there early can't get out. Oh well, it is exciting.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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