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Black Bomber Maintenance?

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I was overhaulin some of my Bomber Long "A" minnows and wondered if any other Barners chose to eliminate the center, front or back treble hook. Does this change the overall action of the lure? I would think that having 1 or 2 less trebles attached to the body would hinder or subtract from the built-in "wiggle" of the lure. Also, I know it's a miniscule amount of weight being removed, but does this affect its ability to dive down properly during a retrieve? Any tips on keeping your Bomber's in good shape would be helpful.
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I have encountered a problem when throwing some of the larger BOMBERS with Braided lines like PowerPro with it getting caught on the front treble hook,mostly on windy nights...This can be corrected with using a fluro or mono leader..
I have experimented with removing this hook at times and it does seem to effect the action somewhat..

As far as maintenance I always wash down with fresh water after each use,and change the hooks
on a regular basis,I upgrade to better hooks and
even use larger ones on the smaller BOMBERS...
It might be sycalogical but does'nt it always seem better to use a brand new lure fresh from its box rather than an old one?
I would rather throw a lure that has cought fish then one I just took out of the box. Action may be better but the opperator knows what has worked in the past. ;)
My favorite Bomber is a 6" green mackeral I have. It is beat up from fishing around rock piles, but catches the most fish for me.
i have a beat to hell,black with purple belly that i use alot.
Beat'um up! I don't like the shiny ones!
Originally posted by Bgsdad:
Beat'um up! I don't like the shiny ones!
So True,

I hate to lose one of my proven fish catchers..
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Originally posted by Bob ECT:
The new Salt's only have two hooks
Here's A Couple Of My New A-Salt BOMBERS...
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Those look great.
Originally posted by Bridge Kid:
On the Smaller LongA Minnow,I replace with 1 full size up from the stock hooks that come with them.On the Larger LongA's and A-Salts I replace with the same size...
Thanks for the info...
I melted a black bomber in the car once it has a sideways bend and is deadly on the stripers
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