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Black Hole Cape Cod Special 450g jigging rods build its reputation as one of the toughest rods ever introduced as tuna upto 600 - 1000 lb were landed with the rods.

The rods are gaining reputation as an excellent choice for bottom fish like grouper.
Capt Joe out of Sneads Ferry, NC is regarded as one of the best commercial grouper fisherman in NC for 30 years. Not many fishermen landed more grouper than he did with rods and reels around the world.

He said Black Hole Cape Cod Special 450g rod is simply the best he's ever used for grouper rods.
He broke many rods for grouper fishing. He broke 5 named rods for two years before he switched to Black Hole Cape Cod Special 450g rod. When he asked me for the blank, I thought the 450g rod is too light and too thin for his use because he uses electric reel putting the rod in the rod holder.

He said he has caught over one thousand groupers with the rod without single issue last year alone.
The thing he likes most about the rod along with toughness is the 450g rod responds/absorbs very well while big grouper pull very hard with violent head shaking so that he loses less grouper.

I'll continue to do my best developing/introducing the best rods for inshore, offshore, jigging and popping for other fishermen.

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