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Bluefishn' Action.

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Went out today on my friends boat. Three of us found some pretty good action in the inlet. We caught plenty of nice bluefish up to 22" and alot of herring to 18". We had a blast, catching all of our fish on light tackle and with artificials. Good times.
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Sorry.. It was the GE inlet.

They killed our Striper hunt on Friday in WW when the wind shifted and the bait started geting pounded up on the banks...

Didn't mind the action though... :D

Yeah - the blues are all over the place... Last night (behind O.C.) I tossed slabs of squid, some mullets, some spearing and other old bait I wanted to get rid of and had non-stop action from tyhe time I got there until dark.

Grahmy - if you read this... they're here!!! And we have a new structure to enjoy. Sandshark Alley is Open for the season.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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