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Boat Ramps in Cape May

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I am looking for a boat ramp in Cape May near the inlet. I hear that Bree Zee Lee Marina has one. Anyone know the fees and hours of operation. I remember years ago putting in a boat at Hinch's marina do they still have a ramp? Thanks for any info.
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$15 at Breez., and I beleive Hinch's does have one
Bree-z-lee is your best bet and the water was still on last weekend...$15.00 to launch...the show on the weekends...priceless!
If you can go dureing the week.
Bree-z-lee is a zoo on the weekends. A little futher upstream is a free ramp on 4th street in Wildwood. You can come out into the ICW and make it to the cape may inlet in 20 mintues. I use it for my weekend trips and usally spend some time screwing around in the ICW on the way back.
Good luck
Thanks hardtop. I know about the ramp on 4th street I have a house in West Wildwood. If you get to Breez-z-lee say around 6:00am is it still a mess? I guess I could try 4th street if it is that bad and maybe even pitch some lures in Turtle Creek on the way back.
I was at Breez-a-lee at 5:15 2 Saturdays ago and was first. Came out around 1PM and was 8th in line. It is indeed a show.
It's lots of fun hanging on piling waiting your turn to pull out. Had to wait 1-1/2 hrs. two seasons ago to pull out at low tide. I slipped the boat this year, money well spent. I'd do the 4th st. thing and avoid the three ring circus.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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