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Please read and follow the rules

If you plan to use this forum to buy / sell items please read the following guidelines. Failure to comply will result in loss of posting privileges. So ya been warned

This forum is for the exclusive use of our contributing members. What I mean by "contributing" is - You contribute to the overall community(THE OTHER FORUMS), not just this forum. If you go back and look at your previous posts and see that the majority of them are in the BARN SALE forum...well...that means we may not consider you to be a contributing member. Please do not be upset when your posting privileges are removed

*This forum is not intended for commercial use! It is here as a bonus for our members to buy and sell personal items. In other words...if your last 10 posts included the sales of 10 different boats. A. You either have a major bad habit or B. You're using this forum for commercial use. Myself, Vince, and Russ are gonna lean towards commercial use 10 times out of 10. Please understand when your posting privileges are removed.

This forum is not to be used to direct people to sales elseware. For example: If you have items listed for sale on Ebay and you use this forum to direct people there, please do not be surprised when your posting privileges are removed.

*Bass Barn advertisers are the exception to this rule. Our advertisers are permitted to list commercial items for sale.

It's a pretty simple set of rules if ya ask me. We appreciate your cooperation

1. Contributing Member - To be a contributing member you must have at
least 10 posts in other forums besides the Barn Sale Forum. Additionally you will need to be a member for at least 1 week.

2. * Commercial Sale -
A. If you buy items at a lower price, then turn around put them on the Barn Sale to make a profit
B. Make, Build or assemble a product(s) (Plugs, weights, buck tails and so
on) with the intent to sell
C. Shore rentals, home sales, boat slips, boat storage, etc, etc, etc

*Bass Barn advertisers are the exception to this rule. Our advertisers are permitted to list commercial items for sale.

3. This forum is not to be used for announcements or redirecting of sales

4. Do not condemn or criticize anyone's asking price. If you don't have a legitimate question or interest in the item(s), please refrain from commenting.
*** If you are not interested in buying the item, then you shouldn't be posting in the thread - period. If you condemn, criticize, say you can get it somewhere else cheaper or make any type of wize crack comment your post will be deleted. If you continue to do this, your posting privileges may be revoked - period

5. All event tickets that are posted in the barn sale shall be offered up at face value only.

6. GUNS -
A. In regards to guns. You don't need a license to sell a rife in PA. However you do need one to sell a handgun in PA. With that being said, It's ok for someone from PA to list a rifle or shotgun. Handguns on the other hand are not to be listed unless the sale will be made through a dealer.

B. In NJ, A New Jersey firearms ID card is needed only by the purchaser.

C. No Ammo will be sold via the Bass Barn

7. Offering to sell someone else's item (Selling for a friend, family member
and so on) these are not members of the Bass Barn. Chances are your post will be edited / removed.

8. All items listed for sale in the barn sale must have an asking price.

9. If you offer to sell or sell to a person not allowed by the barn sale
guidelines you may also be banned.

**10. Items being offered for sale on this forum must only be offered on this
forum not on other sites.

** This does not include boats
***Items for sale on Ebay are not to be posted in the barn sale


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I dont have any large nav bouys...but I have wood lobster pot bouys and glsss fishing floats...and other nautical decor you can use for outdoors.. check my site for a few ideas.. NOT EVERYTHING I STOCK IS ON MY WEB SITE SO YOU MAY WANT TO PHONE ME 609-652-9491

Joe R.
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