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Boxed assort. sinkers

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I have a few plato boxes of assort. sinkers from 1 =5 oz. enclosed are [ bank=egg=storm & pyramid sinkers 200 oz. for $15.00 thats 7.5 cents an pick up
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check your mail


If Fishaholic didn't buy them yet, I'll take 'em.

Easy to pick up since we live in the same town.

snichols take um your around the corner from him

if not ahab give me a call

I think he has enough for both of us. I got an email from him last night asking how many boxes I wanted. I though he was selling one box at $15, he has a few at that price.

Ahab...I will call you today.

I called you a few times yesterday to arrange to pick up the sinkers. No answer and no machine to leave a message. Hopefully you were out fishing. :D

I'll try to call you again today.

There are plenty of sinkers for everyone. Give Ahab a call/email. He will be happy to talk to you.
I picked mine up yesterday, great deal. Ahab's hobby appears to be pouring lead...sinkers, bucktails, jigheads etc.

He has molds for almost every shape and size.

Thanks again.
Picked up a box last night, great deal on lead.

Much appreciated Cap. Ahab, nice meeting you.

He's got plenty to go around...

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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