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brownies in Brig?

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I'm new to the area as my folks just bought a house on s.34th st. I was wondering where to target these critters I love cacthing them but I'm used to the DB and I'm not familiar with this area I do have chart but that don't beat local knowledge.If you could just E-mail me with info thanks Fizz
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Why didn't you come to the source first? :rolleyes:
I have a contact in GreatBay, just a short ICW hop from Brigantine, who does a Brownie gig on the flats in the evening. He does not do nights as the bugs there are almost deadly :eek: HE and I were supposed to do a Trade-a-trip last season, but my motor problems interfered with that. I wil ask him if he would mind me giving you his #.

Best of Luck!
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shoulda known :rolleyes: I don't need num's but I'll tak'em :D the bugs won't bother w a gallon of spray and wash the hands before the trip will do.
Sorry are wrong on the bugs! This guy is a Piney and even he says the bugs are too much :eek:

I meant I will give you his phone #. Give me a few days and I will call you with the info.
too many bugs to fish naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D sounds good to me... how's the motor coming along?
these are not bugs. These are carniverous green headed flies. When i lived on brigantine the only thing that repelled them was Avon Skin So Soft, which brigantine's sundries and pharmacies stock up on copiously. Fizz, take a walk up to the north end on a warm windless day and you will understand what i mean!
greenheads are fun but I think flying teeth are worse :rolleyes: ofcourse there all bad I just wonder how extreme they are :eek:
The Greenheads in Briganteen are exactly like Hitchcock's movie Birds. We have RUN for cover to the truck and had literally many hundreds and probably thousand(s) of flies all over the truck. You have to see it to believe it. These things are in such great number and aggressive where they will do serious and possibly life inflicting damage if exposed to them. This seems like a joke to some folks when you speak of how thick and aggressive the flies are there but one has to experience it to understand. I highly recommend having shelter to take cover. The time we ran for cover to the truck there was still DOZENS that made their way into the truck. The air conditioner making the cabin so cold so they could not function was the saving factor until we were able to get off the beach and run with the windows down. We were still unbelievably bitten.
Sounds like Greenwich. Shouldn't be a problem Fizz.
Bugs? I don't know about any bugs in SJ but the large flocks of small biting birds that come out at dusk, yep they always drive me away.

What is a Brownie? Is that a mermaid in a beanie? Seriously what is it?
Now I know why I have nerver been to Briganteen!! :D
they are not little girl scouts they are sharks.

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Scott's Bait & Tackle reported yesterday browns caught in Grassy Channel. That's in Great Bay near ICW "134" buoy. AS posted above, just a hop up the ICW from Brigantine. See:
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