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Bucktail Color?

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When using bucktails i typicaly only use white, chartruse, and small pink ones for the weaks. Bottom line whats your favorite color to use for flounder.
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chartruese,white and sometomes pink with some mylar
caught my biggest on a pink spro with a bunker strip
I caught my biggest with a white bucktail, and a peice of squid.
White bucktail
Strip of fresh bluefish
Minnow on top
White with green and pink worms
Pink with green miser twister killed then in DB at times. Forest green and pink works great too. A single gold hook with charteuse beads works when horseshoe crabs are spawning. And of course white with squid. Weights are critical to stay on bottom, so adjust with tide and depth.
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my favorite is the white. not a fan of the brand with the "halogram" strips on them since they lack in bucktail feathers.
Any color is OK as long as its white....tied a couple this year with a few strips of mylar tied in and have good success with that so far...
Pink or chartruese shad darts and Spro jigs, white is third choice.
pink then green ocean side deep, green or white shallow backbay
Iv'e done pretty well with weakfish with a typical pink spro 3/8 ounce. I do have a favor for the white and yellow pattern though and have done equally well on those. Fish bites as trailors really shined in florida this winter but I really haven't had a reason to try it up here yet I've done too well on plastic shrimp. DOA and Baysides.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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