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Bucktail tactics?

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Need a little advice on bucktailing the rips, I heard great things for early stripers with tails but I am not sure how to work them. do you work the bottom the same as you would for flounder or different? do you drift or anchor? should I search out structure the same as I would for chunking? Gonna give a go tomarrow and I am taking some bloods along in case I fail with the bucktails...any advice would help!
Thank You
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I hope that Skip, Capt Harv, Adam, Badfinger, Chunking etc. will chime in with their thoughts.

In my experience, I have had the most success dragging the bucktail along the bottom when the water is cold. When the fish become more agressive you can work the bucktail with good results.

You could also ask Sea Devil for his opinion, since he swears that he doesn't know how to bucktail but kicked all of our a**es last time out. ;)
Good idea about the bloodworms. They'll work when nothing else does.
thanks guys!
strip of mackeral or herring and work it on the bottom like your fluking.
Hey Agita! You definitely want to be on the drift, and when the water is cold a slow, subtle presentation is the way to go! If you've never fished the rips before, just take it slow on the moves, too. Drift...soft presentation, and you should be rewarded with some fresh striper!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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