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Bunker & Herring Everywhere

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Fished from 1pm - 9pm out of the Manasquan Inlet on Thursday 6/2. Bait was everywhere just a mile north of the Inlet off the Spring Lake Beaches. Big Bait Balls consisting of Bunker, Herring and Rain Fish were right outside the surf line. We filled the live well with Bunker and Herring in no time and began live lining the live bait. Problem was it was difficult to get through the Blue Fish which I lost count of how many we caught. saw a number of very large bass caught in the high 20lb and maybe 30lb class fish. we just coouldnt get to them though. Saw a pod of porpoises herding the bait fish right outside the breakers. Water was clean full of life and temps around 59 degrees. Tide was coming in hard at 1pm when we left. Action significantly slowed by 6:30 or 7pm. All in all was agreat day. Nice to be out on the water.
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Great report Grasshopper. Keep them coming!
Grasshopper, what species of herring?
grasshopper were any surf fisherman lucky enough to get close to the school for snagging? how did they do?
Candy Man, not sure of the species of herring, but they were very large the ones we snagged were around 15"-20" never saw herring that big.
Jusgetondahook, if you could cast at least 50yrds. you could easily snag the bunker we were practically in the wash when we were snagging the bunker had to keep someone at the wheel to keep us from ending up on the beach. The bait fish action was outta hand. Saw some surf fishermen looked like they were pulling in bluefish. We were very close to the Spring Lake hotel fishing in between the jetties. Good luck out there guys it can only get better. Will be out next Thursday or Friday depending on weather and work schedule will post a report.
Ah grasshopper..nice report. Thanks for the info.
I was out there (by spring lake) to day and nothing in the way of bunker
Hey FlatsRat Terry- share the love my friend. LOL

I'll be up there next week doing what you taught me to do. I think of you this time of year. Glad I learned from the BEST, my friend.

BTW- your website looks great! See ya out there.
Grasshopper, sounds like Hickory Shad. Just as good as bunker in my book.

Ever fish for Hickory Shad with tiny jigs cast on a ultra-lite rod?

Awesome fight! They jump like Tarpon!

Finest Kind
I saw some kids on the railroad bridge catching them last year. A buddy of mine keeps his boat up in manasqan. Nice area caught my first blue fin tuna at the monster ledge on one of my fluking poles. What a fight that was. Alas it was short and had to release.
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