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We are still buying / selling used tackle. Since it's winter, I figured I would post a reminder. :)

We can't offer you retail for your items. If your looking for top dollar, you will have to use Ebay or Craigslist. The idea behind the used tackle is to offer a chance to upgrade, sell it quick, and also get some great deals when buying used.
For example, we have several Shimano Jigging Rods in the shop, priced below $95 that retail at $175. These rods are like new! So, you can see if we are selling it that cheap, we can't offer you $150 for that $175 rod that you bought 2 yrs ago.

We are looking to be fair on both ends. We have winter hours and will be open 5 days a week all winter ( closed Tues & Wed) . I will post the hours on our website later today.

To save time, you can always email us for an estimate before stopping by. :)
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