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canoe / kayak registration

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since these are un-powered vessels do the registration numbering/sticker motor vehicle requirements apply. I have a 12 alum boat thats registered and was wondering if I get a canoe or yak would that need to be registered also. Thanks.
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I would say no. I have a 10' aluminum and didn't get it registered until I put an electric motor on. I assume the same applies to canoes and kayaks.
In PA. you don't have to register your unpowered boat but you must get a permit to launch at Fish commission ramps and state parks if you don't have numbers.
Any boat - with the exception of canoes and I assume kayaks - ten foot and over must be registered regardless of a motor or not. I got a ticket out crabbing with a twelve foot aluminim rowboat.
In Pa if you have a trolling motor on a canoe(which I have) you need to have it registered.
Boats and marine equipment that do not have to be registered:

documented vessels operating in New Jersey waters for less than 180 consecutive days, or not based in New Jersey

vessels from another country

public vessels of the United States or of a state or sub-division of the U.S.

ship's lifeboats

non-motorized vessels used exclusively on small lakes and ponds located wholly within private lands

racing vessels while racing under New Jersey State Marine Police permit

non-motorized inflatables, surfboards, racing shells, dinghies, canoes, and kayaks

non-motorized vessels less than 12 feet in length

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From the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Comm.:
Boating Facts


Boats that are more than 12 feet long must be titled.To obtain a title, visit any motor vehicle agency, and:

Provide the HIN (hull identification number); proof of ownership, such as a certificate of origin (if new) or the former title signed by the previous owner (if used), or a sworn affidavit to attest to the boat's ownership or other acceptable proof required in the boat's previous home state; structural information (year, make, type, length, material, power source, use); and owner information (date of birth, driver license and Social Security number) or a business number (corpcode). Homemade boats or boats without a HIN will be assigned a number by Motor Vehicle Commission after inspection by the NJ State Police.

Pay $20 for a clear title; $40 if there's one lien. Corrected titles cost $20; duplicate titles cost $25.

Title exemptions: ships' lifeboats, canoes or kayaks, inflatables,
surfboards, rowing sculls, racing shells, tenders/dinghies used only for
transportation between vessel and shore and for no other purpose, and
outboard motors.


Titled boats and motor-powered boats (any length) must also be registered annually. To register, visit any motor vehicle agency, and:

Provide proof of ownership (see above), your NJ driver license and Social Security number, and

Pay the fee based on this chart.
Length: Under 65 Feet
VESSEL 16 26 40 65 Feet Or More
Pleasure $12 28 52 80 $250
Commerical $12 29 53 81 $251

Operating Requirements
Licenses, certificates and safety

Persons 12 years old or younger may not remain onboard any underway vessel (except short-run ferries and large commercial vessels longer than 65 feet) unless they are properly wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.

Persons under 13 years may not operate any power vessel.

Persons 13-15 years old may operate a power vessel of less than 1 HP, a vessel powered by a 12 volt trolling motor, or a vessel 12 feet or longer powered by less than 10 HP if they have successfully completed an approved boating safety course and have a boating safety certificate in their possession. Anyone, of any age, may operate those vessels without a boat license.

Persons 16 years old or older may operate any recreational power vessel.
Persons operating on nontidal waters must also carry a New Jersey boat license. In addition, a person born in 1979 or later and all operators of personal watercraft ? less than 16 feet long equipped with an internal combustion engine that powers a water jet pump that can't be disengaged as to prevent the vessel from making headway ? must complete an approved boating safety course and carry the certificate whenever operating the vessel. They must present this certificate when they apply for a boat license to operate on nontidal waters.


Penalties for boating law violators include:
Operating a power boat without completing a boating safety course: minimum $100, maximum $500 fine.
Failing to carry or exhibit a license when operating a power boat on nontidal waters: up to $500 fine and/or up to 60 days imprisonment.

Penalties for boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or refusal include:
Operating a power boat while DUI on tidal or nontidal waters:
1st Offense: loss of right to operate in NJ:
Vessel: 12 months
Vehicle: 3 months*
* Violators under age 17: to 17 years, 3 months
MOPED operators: from sentence date to 17 years, 3 months
Fine $250-400

2nd Offense: loss of right to operate in NJ:
Vessel: 24 months
Vehicle: 6 months*
Fine $500-$1,000
* Violators under age 17: to 17 years, 6 months
MOPED operators: from sentence date to 17 years, 3 months
Community service: 30 days
Jail: 48 hours-90 days

Note: Penalties for certain DUI-related offenses may increase to double fines and imprisonment (if committed within 1,000 feet of property used for school purposes) or forfeiture of the vessel and/or vehicle. These offenses include DUI, driving revoked, vehicular homicide or refusal to take a chemical test.

Penalties for refusing a breathalyzer or chemical test, all ages, are loss of right to operate power boats and vehicles and:
1st Offense 6 months and $250-500 fine
2nd Offense 2 years and $250-500 fine
3rd Offense 10 years and $250-500 fine

Vehicles as defined are automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, MOPEDs
and agricultural vehicles.

For further information

Boat safety certificates: (609) 882-2000, x6173, or
Boat safety courses: (800) 336-2628
Boat licenses: (888) 486-3339 toll free in NJ or (609) 292-6500 from out of state
Cost: Four year photo license: $18 ($16 if added to photo driver license)
Availability: Obtain your license at any motor vehicle agency. Be prepared to show your boat safety certificate when you apply.

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wow. thanks. So I guess no registration required.
Clear as mud, right!
circlehook, Come by the Atlantic city hunting and fishing show March 12-15 if you want to learn about kayak fishing. I will be doing a seminar on bridge fishing for bass at night but Ill explain the wholw deal to you.
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