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Happy New Year Everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we just added even more breakout sessions for this year's Seminar.

I'm happy to announce Penn and Berkley will be back.

Penn will be doing a Reel Maintenance and Repair Session and Berkley will bring a line tester and be doing a Knot Tying Breakout Session

Only 100 Tickets Left - Please Call ASAP - 732-842-6825

Canyon Runner 2012 Seminar Series

FREE $100 Spreader Bar & Bag for Groups of 4!

Atlantic City, NJ - January 28, 2012 ($125/Person) * Long Island, NY - February 25, 2012 ($99/Person)

Call 732-842-6825 or Email: [email protected]
New for 2012 - Never Before Seen Video Training – Join Us In the Pit
New for 2012 - Big Eye & Big Fish - Track Them, Find Them and Catch Them
New for 2012 - Jig Tuna Up to 600 Pounds!!!

1) Video Training Session - Join Us in the Cockpit - Play-by-Play - Capt. Mark Deblasio
2) Big-Eye and Big Fish - Track Them, Find Them & Catch Them - Capt. Mark DeCabia
3) Advanced Bait Rigging - All the Never Before Seen Tricks We Use - Capt. Mark Deblasio
4) Marlin Trolling Techniques & Patterns - Tournament Winning Angler - Brad Burgess
5) Water Temp - Year in Review - Capt. Len Belcaro
6) Engine Prevent Maintenance & Repairs at Sea - John Lane - Forked River Diesel
7) Tournament Winning Sharks Tactics - Capt. Steve Rhodes
8) How To Jig Big Tuna - Up to 600 Pounds - Dr. Greg DeFelice

9) Inshore Bluefin Chunking & Light Tackle Techniques - Capt. Gene Quigley/Capt. Jim Freda - Shore Catch
10) Water Temp Analysis - Basic Courses for First Time Attendees - Capt. Len Belcaro
11) Learn How to Rig Ballyhoo for Tuna - Canyon Runner Crew
12) Learn How to Rig all your Chunking Gear like a Professional Mate - Capt. Mike Zajac
13) Learn Everything You'll Ever Need to Know about Swordfishing - Capt. Mark DeCabia
14) Harpooning - Offshore Innovations
15) Spectra/Top-Shot Techniques - Basil Pappas - BHP Tackle
16) Electronics Troubleshooting & Maintenance - Team Simrad
17) Reel Maintenance and Repair - Team Penn
18) Knot Tying - Team Berkley
Canyon Runner Offshore Seminar continues the standard it has long established as the most unique, in-depth, hands-on, detailed and informative Seminar on the East Coast. Over the past 7 years we’ve help educate over 8,000+ offshore anglers – and 99% of those participants have walked away from our Seminars all with the same over-riding comment – “The Seminar is worth every penny!”

As always we’ve added significantly to the topics covered this year with respect to BRAND NEW ADVANCED VIDEO TRAINING SESSIONS, BIG-EYE & BIG FISH AND JIGGING TUNA UP TO 600 POUNDS in order to make sure all repeat attendees have plenty of new topics to enjoy! We continue to provide the core training for all skill levels from beginner to part time to seasoned offshore fisherman. The combination of new classes plus the core training needed provide the single best way for those new to the offshore scene to learn everything they need to know to succeed in the canyon and those seasoned offshore veterans to hone their skillls.

We’ll have over $10,000+ in door prizes at each Seminar including two grand prizes – 2, one-day charters for giant tuna on the Canyon Runner. Additional door prizes include Penn rods and reels, Canyon Runner Spreader Bars, Momoi line, Pelagic Gear, SAT Phones, Hydro Glow Lights, equipment donated by the RFA, BHP Tackle, Fisherman Supply, Deep Sea Outfitters, The Big Game Fishing Journal/Offshore Satellite Services, SIMRAD and more.

FREE continental breakfast - FREE snacks & coffee - and FREE BEER!!!

The 2012 Seminars will be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ - January 28($125/person) and the Huntington Hilton in Long Island, NY - February 25 ($99/person).

You can pay with AMEX, Visa, or Mastercard or arrange payment by check. In your email, please provide your full name, address and telephone number so we can contact you if needed and send you your tickets. Please also indicate which Seminar you want to attend.

For additional information and Tickets - Call 732-842-6825 or Email: [email protected]

Sponsors: Simrad, GP Link, CAT, Seakeeper, Viking Rafts, American Marine Underwriters, Big Game Fishing Journal/Offshore Satellite Services, RFA, Suffolk Marine, Cape May Tackle, South Jersey Marina.

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Happy New Year Adam!

Really excited to have CM Tackle be a part of the seminar series this year thanks for the invitation.

We will be showing and selling our wares at both the AC and Long Island seminars. There will be some outstanding specials so don't miss out.

Buy one, get one free on all 6 oz and larger, Original CM Hammered Jigs for the show only, while supplies last!

Alutecnos Jigging and Trolling reels, as well as reels from Canyon and Fox will be on sale as well.

Yo-Zuri and Seaguar leader material
VMC, Owner and Gamakatsu Jigging Hooks
RacePoint and OTI Rods

If anyone likes to pre-order or have any special requests brought to the show please let me know, I can't bring everything but I will be happy to bring what customers are requesting.
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