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Open Boat Overnighters as low at $699 Including Tip!!!!

I’ve recently found out that not a lot of folks know that we at Canyon Runner have been running open boat canyon tuna/marlin/sword overnighters for the past 3 years. I suspect that this year, more than ever, these trips will be extremely popular as groups of 5 or 6 guys are finding it hard to get everyone together during these tighter economic times. Moreover, these trips are relatively inexpensive and we are making them even cheaper if you sign up and give your deposit within the next 10 days – so please act now!!!!!!!!!!!

For only $699 (and that includes the tip for the mate) you get up to 30 hours on our boat with at least 22+ hours of lines in the water. You see, since our boats cruise at 30+ knots most trips to the canyons are less then 3 hours unlike 5 or 6 hours on party boats.

Our open boat trips are run exactly like our overnighters. They are 24-30 hour trips (depending on time of year) leaving the dock between 9am and 3pm and returning 24-30 hours later. We troll in the afternoon chunk at night and get in a few more hours on the troll in the morning. You will get 18-22 hours of actual fishing time. We will put together a group of six people to fill up the 6 spots available on each trip and you can come by yourself or bring as many friends as possible - we will fill out the rest.

The catch is split up equally after the trip is over – it is not like a party boat where each person has to fend for themselves. Everyone will work together, take equal turns on the rods and split up the catch equally at the end of the trip. This format has been a great success and everyone seems to love it. In fact, a lot of our open boat groups have since banded together and now book their own date to get their choice of when they want to go. That said, the open boat trips have to be booked in advance. Right now we are currently booking:

All these trips will be run by Capt. Mark DeBlasio on our 48’ Viking so book now if you want a choice date with one of our most popular Captains.

<FONT color=black size=3 face="Times New Roman"><SPAN style="COLOR: black; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">June 20-21 (Sunday-Monday) – 2 spot still available
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