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We have big news on two fronts.

1. Capt. Mark just had the Sword Trip of his life - (Read Below)

2. We are thrilled to add Day Time Swording as a Breakout Session hosted by the premier guys in swording. We also added another new breakout session - Tuna Tagging 101 - How and Why we Do It!!! This session will be hosted by the folks from Save the Bluefin.

Tim Pickett of Lindgren-Pitman Inc. and R.J. Boyle of R.J. Boyle Studios

R.J. is one of the pioneers of daytime swordfishing, and regarded as one of the worlds foremost experts in daytime swordfishing. R.J., a marine artist and lifelong fisherman, was the founder of the SE Swordfish club and has caught over 1000 swordfish on rod and reel, with over 300 of those during the daytime, including several 500lb plus fish to his credit.

Tim is the engineer who works in new product development and resident "swordaholic" for Lindgren-Pitman Inc.

If you haven't got your tickets yet for the January 28 Seminar please call now - 732-842-6825

Just Added
*Day Time Swording - Team Lindgren-Pitman
**Tuna Tagging - How and Why
1) Video Training Session - Join Us in the Cockpit - Play-by-Play - Capt. Mark Deblasio
2) Big-Eye and Big Fish - Track Them, Find Them & Catch Them - Capt. Mark DeCabia
3) Advanced Bait Rigging - All the Never Before Seen Tricks We Use - Capt. Mark Deblasio
4) Marlin Trolling Techniques & Patterns - Tournament Winning Angler - Brad Burgess
5) Water Temp - Year in Review - Capt. Len Belcaro
6) Engine Prevent Maintenance & Repairs at Sea - John Lane - Forked River Diesel
7) Tournament Winning Sharks Tactics - Capt. Steve Rhodes
8) How To Jig Big Tuna - Up to 600 Pounds - Dr. Greg DeFelice

9) Inshore Bluefin Chunking & Light Tackle Techniques - Capt. Gene Quigley/Capt. Jim Freda - Shore Catch
10) Water Temp Analysis - Basic Courses for First Time Attendees - Capt. Len Belcaro
11) Learn How to Rig Ballyhoo for Tuna - Canyon Runner Crew
12) Learn How to Rig all your Chunking Gear like a Professional Mate - Capt. Mike Zajac
13) Learn Everything You'll Ever Need to Know about Swordfishing - Capt. Mark DeCabia
14) Harpooning - Offshore Innovations
15) Spectra/Top-Shot Techniques - Basil Pappas - BHP Tackle
16) Electronics Troubleshooting & Maintenance - Team Simrad
17) Reel Maintenance and Repair - Team Penn
18) Knot Tying - Team Berkley

Here is Capt Mark's Report - Enjoy - Pictures to Follow
He's Running a Private Ritchie Howell for A Couple Months This Winter

Friday morning dawns still as predicted and we set off in search of wahoo. We use the standard high speed set up and after a few hrs have nothing to show for it. We collectively decide that the trolling weights don't look natural and it just doesn't feel right trolling at 12-15 knots, so we slow down and go to a more standard spread that we would pull at home. Shortly thereafter we get two flatline and one rigger bites, coming tight on two. Jimmy and Lou land their first wahoo and high fives follow. We end up the day going 6 for 11 on the wahoo and adding a Blackfin tuna to the mix. As the sun gets low in the sky, we start looking around for prime bottom to set out the sword spread. We set the spread and wait about half an hour when the lines start to cross. I picked up the rod to move it around and feel the “tap, tap” of a sword then slack. I reel like hell and come tight and the battle begins. Lou is up and lands his first sword pretty quickly , a nice 55” fish. We get another shark bite , then another sword, releasing another keeper about the same size as the first. The bites continue with another shark, a missed sword, then a good hookup around 4:15am. I get my chance on the rod and boat a nice 170 lb sword in about 20 minutes. We decide to finish up the trip with a little bottom fishing and catch a nice mixed bag of snapper, grouper, AJ's and a really nice African Pompano, releasing everything except the pompano.

Sunday dawns beautiful and we set off in search of wahoo again. We find the bites , but pull a bunch of hooks only landing one hoo. With the sun getting low, we decide to overthink things and go to a different sword spot that looks even better on the charts. We get set up and spend four hours with one shark bite and one Blackfin tuna before we decide to go back to where we had fished two night earlier. We get set out and start the wait. We wanted to fish a deep bait with the full moon, so we set out the LP1200 electric as the 400 foot rod. About 12:30 am the line starts burning off the reel and we begin what would become the most epic battle any of us have ever seen. The fish showed itself after only 20 minutes or so , coming to the surface slashing its huge sword and jumping once. It then decided it did not like what it saw on the surface and sounded. We watched the line counter on the reel start its descent, not stopping until the sword was at 1300 feet. For the next 3 hrs we battled it out with the fish between 1000-1400 feet and showing no signs of slowing down. We started adding more drag hoping to bust the swords will, bit it wouldn't budge. I started adding pressure with my gloved hand and very slowly we started to gain foot by foot. By the 6 hr mark we had the fish within a few hundred feet of the boat but fatigue was setting in and the gear was becoming a worry. With no choice we continued adding drag and continued gaining line. By the 7 hr mark we were getting the 50 foot topshot on the reel. The topshot was on and off the reel at least a dozen times but we were slowly gaining. By now the sun was up and the swivel finally breaks the surface. We reach for the weight but its just out of reach. As the fish circles we are looking right at it and ready to harpoon but it takes back a little line. We work it close again and are getting ready for the harpoon shot when the fish decides to turn and burn. As she takes off the top shot flies off the reel and the braid explodes as it clears the rod .. the fish is gone. One of the hardest losses I have ever had, but at the same time a small smile on my face as I know that fish swims away strongly and we have something to shoot for.

The next day with just three of us on the boat and being tired , we plan for 2 guys up and one sleeping on rotation. Within minutes I see a bite on the deep rod and we are tight .. its not even dark yet and its game on . Fish cooperates and we have number one sword of the evening on deck at 58” … we reset and begin the wait. It doesn't take long and we are tight again. This continues and by 1am we are 7 for 8 and very low on bait. I am taking a nap when Jimmy comes in and wakes me to say he popped a hamstring trying to net a flying fish. He is in a lot of pain and is officially out of commission but insists we keep fishing. I make the call to fish until 4:30 or so, so that we will have some light coming in the inlet. I lay back down and leave Lou on watch. At around 2:15 he announces we are tight once again and he and I go to work with Jimmy coaching us on from the couch in the salon. We make good progress and have color in 25 minutes or so .. we unclip the weight and get leader in hand … I sink the poon and we have the fish secure. Lou and I decide to pull her over the transom and I guess adrenaline had kicked in because we pulled her over and were very surprised to see she was 78 inches in the 270 lb class. We started cleaning up as we had used up all our bait, ending fishing before 3am with my best night of swordfishing ever under my belt going 8 for 9 on swords. All in all a great trip for everyone … with a night of sleep , I am chomping at the bit for the wind to lay out and get on the sword grounds again.

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Adam, looking forward to it!! Always a great break from the winter blues!!
Will bring the 48 Vikes spares with us:thumbsup:

Also, if any attendees need prop pullers, just give us a call and we'll bring a set down with us...


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20% OFF Spreader Bars & 10% Off Canyon Charters

See you there Ray!!

As a Special Thank You to all that attend the Seminar this Saturday we will be offering 20% off all our Canyon Runner Spreader Bars - including 2 new secret color green machines that our boats used all last year and we are introducing this Saturday.

They accounted for most of our biggest yellowfin and big-eye in 2011 and we are now offering them for sale.

We are also going to give anyone who books a tutorial charter with us 10% off if booked at the seminar. These are basically seminars as sea during a 30 hour overnighter.

We have 375 tickets sold and right now I am told I can't have more than 400 people. I'm hoping the Convention Center allows me to have more but if not we'll be sold out before Friday - please don't wait to call - 732-842-6825.
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