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Another Great Fishing Season is in the Books,,,
And I Am Allready Looking Forward to 2004....

The Spring Striper Season Started Slown Around
SouthJersey Due To The Previous Winters Chill...
But By April Bass Started Hitting Jigs & Plugs..
May Greated Us,and I had one of my Better Years
Fishing for Big Weakfish Catching over a Dozen
TideRunners thru-out the Spring...
The Summer was well, Summer,Nothing That Great
But I Did Catch My First Banded RudderFish,this
little torpedo kept me busy for weeks.... :D
The Fall Brought Great Expectations and it Lived
Up To It...Lousy and Cold Conditions Did Not Keep
Us From Getting Some of the Biggest Stripers on
a Consistent Basis in a long time in our area...
I alos Caught My First Striper's of a Kayak-
Thanks Bruce......

Here are Some Candid Shots Taken During the Year,
I look forward to maybe bringing more Pictures
next year...



Me Again....

Banded RudderFish...


HighTide/Nov.Nor'Easter/59th.St.Fishing Pier..

Late Season Limit......

I would like to say THANK YOU ! to the Following
Members for Making This Weekly Thread....

  • bgsdad Far26 BridgeKid RockDoc YoungGun24
    FishCounselor TheBagman ArdmoreBill Striperaholic
    Barnaby Adam eelball Dr.Bass keyskid Mike
    MikeGrabbe Sebastian Flynn-S 445Supermag Hipkvw
    CharlieG CandyMan LooseDrag SweetRelease1
    KeeperSeeker EarlyBird Casting Diaster Outdoors
    TomOCNJ MakeMeNuts Wilbur JC FishWrangler
    PJ-Jumper LukeSodwalker BentRod Karlsruhe
    Fish_on Fshlot Striper2278 BayStalker GrimReaper
    RodFather BrianMullaney EricG
    WildBill Swede-ish-fish Bluefin BBunker dirtdigger
    BassVamp Skipper Ballyhoo Vern StriperRookie
    No-Mow Fishintimeforever Richie Partnership
    JunkmanSJ LiveBait Rubrbsct Merlin HarborNights
    SurfGhost Restler LongRodSilver circlehook
    Fatboy Baybasser Finesser JMAC shbackbay
    fmtuna Philcvg Insomniac SparseGrey BobEver
    HyperStripergGuy HookinUp JerseyJoe Dr.W
    Soak-N-Wet Pigman WestAveMike GoNavy FishnFool
    Shorty Henrybasstardo ShoeB Tillyhat LongCast
    NeverBetter NJSurffisher Spanish Fly VinceC
    HighWire Flattop PhilL Billy BaitSlinger
    Clam Chunker Med ShoreHooks Venator GOT BASS?
    LongDrive Capt.Larry NJAnglerBill MadPlugger
    SurfCowboy Steven Kox Bucktailman ZOOM Duff
    HolidayHavenSeaHag BassMedia FlyFish BeachBoy
    Bubblehead1 KillnCookin FinzUp1289 edhead
    Chunking Doyle007 Insanity David Friedman
    TheHitLesssWonder UppyJr JerzyBass Pelagic Mike
    CapeMayRay AimlessZ RyanF...</font>
Guite A List of Reporters,Grows Each Year...
Thanks Again Guys for Everything,Especially
Hearing About Your Fishing Adventures...

The Cape/Atlantic Thread will be Closed Down
For 2 Months, But Will Start Right Back up on
March 1, 2004....

Have A Great Winter EveryBody........

[ 01-04-2004, 12:13 PM: Message edited by: NIGHTSTRIKES ]

Im sure I wont be the last to thank you for your reports. i check yours out daily during the season even though i do not fish the sod. best reports around by far. Thanx for sharin'!!


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I agree a spectacular year for having land under our feet! Great job on the C/A thread!

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Thanks for all the great intros to the thread, Strikes, and not to forget the weather and beach reports. You put a lot of hard work into keeping the thread alive!

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NightStrikes, as is said every year, great job with all of your reports and input on the C/A thread...And to EVERYONE else who contributes as well- thanks for the reports and stories...thankfully there's not much time left until the season in the back opens again....Tight lines to anyone venturing out- Mike

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Thanks for the reports and to the people who make this site possible.My fishing skills and success have greatly improved by reading it.

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The first and only thread to read, two three and four times a day - sorry, had to do it :D .

It would be hard to imagine what my fishing adventures would be like without first checking in on the Cape/Atlantic Reports to see if the fish are hitting. For me, the report is akin to a group of good friends that fan out in a area to better cover it and to find the fish. When one does he signals to rest. "Cast over here, there biting on this, the retrieve is this," he says as he puts you on the fish too.

Thanks Night for keeping up with it and to all the rest who keep the information flowing - it truely is a cooperative effort.

Now, get some rest, Spring is only two months away by my reckoning. ;)

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Enjoyed being part of the forum and many thanks for the info parted from you and others. Many a morning with the eyes burning like two piss holes in the snow I was making my contribution to the board. Again have a good one and will be part of it again in the spring. Come on March 1, 2004.
Keith the bagman

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Thanks Steve, we all know you put a lot into your C/A Reports. Reading the reports helps get me by when I can't get out on the water.
I'll be freshwater fishing until the action picks back up in the springtime. Already looking forward to next year!

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Steve, You are the one to thank! I've had the pleasure of fishing with you almost weekly and I understand how much the CAR means to you and how dedicated you are to the thread. It is obvious that your intentions for starting this thread was not to brag about your own fishing ability but to provide a forum so everyone could gain and give knowledge. I also know how frustrated you were at times when the boys get a little restless. You always did your best to remain focused and kept the thread going.

I also want to thank you for the friends I have made thru this thread. There were many hours spent on the sods, the yak and bridges with you and them which made me look forward to the lack of sleep!

I can't wait to 3/1/04 to start it all up again!
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