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Capt. Hyland at it again

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I here the old capt. of the North Star got busted again while running a private charter on the SUSIE II. The other men aboard were the same clients that were on the North Star. They got popped for over limit tog/fileting seabass on board.Good old capt. Hyland just can't get a clue that there is laws I guess.
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They must be following that guy around.
It is guys like that make it bad for all the honest captains. Hard to believe after being caught a couple of times he would still be able to put out of port. I believe it goes into a federal court on the charges and the judges there feel they are bogged down with more important security issues and he has gotten away with little or no fines or charges.
:mad: It's true. I just got off the phone with the owner.
Capt. Chris has been running a couple of trips a week with his old customers from the North Star.The mate was popped for filleting a few tog and 2 of the customers were cited for being over the limit. The captain was not charged(It is the same story, once the customers know the limits, it is their responsibility to adhere to it). The sad part is, these fisherman always throw back the breeder fish and only keep 5-6lbs fish to eat(these are not the guys who used the live wells to sell the fish). This same day one of the fisherman released an 18lb tog. I just don't get it.
I'm a little sick to my stomach right now.
1) My mate should have known better.
2) I bust my a** trying to build up a new business only to have this happen! I have run the Starfish out of Sea Isle and used to own the Trophy Run,also. In all this time I nor any of my customers have ever been cited for a violation. I hope I'm not considered guilty by association.
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capt.bill i am sorry to hear about this but having a captian that has already had problems with the law should of been an alarm for hiring someone like that or letting him use the boat and name .it isnt very smart now he has tarnished the boat, how it will affect anyone will soon be seen i think all ties to him should be severed to keep the good name intacted. i hope all works out for all. we all learn by mistakes i just hope the reputation isnt damged.

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Given his past I would think the State might go after him again.
I agree with you. My boss hired me to start up a business for him. But with a sudden change in personal obligations this summer, I am only available to run 1-2 days a week. So Capt.Chris asked my boss if he could take some of his old customers out 2 or 3 days a week. We figured that the boat was sitting idle so why not. These customers are not "Susie II" customers. They are his customers from the North Star. They will go with him wherever he is fishing. He does not run any of our other charters. That is why he isn't listed on the advertising.
All I can hope is that people don't place a blanket judgement on the boat itself.
I wouldn't mind seeing an Officer on the dock every day it comes in. I know I wouldn't have to worry.
Bob ECT,
The state went after his boss on the North Star last year and could not do anything. It still comes down to the fact that it is not the captain keeping the fish. It may not seem right but that is how they look at it. As of this time he has not been charged.
I'm sure by now the CO's know what cars to be looking for in the parking lot.
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Originally posted by captbill35:
[QB]The sad part is, these fisherman always throw back the breeder fish and only keep 5-6lbs fish to eat(these are not the guys who used the live wells to sell the fish). This same day one of the fisherman released an 18lb tog.
Throwing back large fish is sad how?? :rolleyes:
You've explained enough.You were not driving,you had no way to control the situation.Fire Chris,put your foot in the mates ***,and move on.My opinion, anyone who knows you all ready has it figured out.
There is not a better captain out there who is able to put you on fish like Chris Hyland! This goes for all fish, but especially blackfish. If you think differently i am willing to tell you flat out that your wrong.
tog no one is questioning weather or not he can put you on the fish its his ethics we are questioning.
Hip,What I meant is that it is sad that a group of guys who love to catch these fish would need to keep more than the limit.
TC. I don't think anybody questioned his ability to catch tog. If he couldn't I don't think he would have such a group of loyal fisherman.
capt alcIII

As jimmy sez, put the claw on the mate

the beav
Beav,Jimmy is pissed.He has a whole bucket of calicos,but he is nervous about using them.Two claws he said!!!
capt alcIII

put theme beauties in the water till tog season comes in and i will gladly take ;them off of jimmy's hand's

i dont want him to get nightmares

thx again for the flukies..........

come in elmer, come in, come in

the beav

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