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Anyone have any experience with this boat? Can I take it out of the Barnegat inlet and ocean on calmer days?
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Nick, They are great backwater boats, but any chop and it will slap the piss right out of you.

Skiffs are not made for any type of swell
Maritime will hold up longer, but when it comes to a ride, a skiff is a skiff is a skiff. They are all bath tubs with an outboard.

They are great boats for certain applications. Running through an inlet with one of them is not.
Originally posted by Bawugna:
I have a Carolina Skiff 1765 and have to tell you it is a great boat. Takes the abuse and can handle all sorts of crap. Jason was right, it will slap you around but it will get you home, you will wish you were dead when you get there, but it will get you home no matter what. Oh and you WILL get wet :D :eek:
carolina skiffs are almost as wet as a boston whaler but for much less the price.

They are almost indestructible and are a no frills boat. I beat one up for 9 years worth of duck hunting, clamming, crabbing and other assorted dirty jobs. A good powerwashing and the boat looked brand new.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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