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Carpenter needed

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A couple of Months ago, I put a post out, I needed a carpenter for some trim and replacement windows to be installed. As this forum usually does, someone offered their expertise. A fellow Barner who many of us know, who just got back from over seas. STREETMAN. He has done wonderful work, precise, and has a great personality. I would like to thank this forum again for the avenue to find someone of Streetman's craftsmanship and knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone who needs work done to contact him. You will not be sorry at all. After seeing his work, I added the bathroom to finish as well.

Thanks John, I am glad you were able to help me out and make my daughter's Christmas.... With a brand new room for her. Happy Holidays to you and your family John. Talk to you again soon I hope.

I saw others seeking someone on here to do work for them, Again, look up Streetman. A Great guy !! and he serves our country as well.
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Thanks for the kind words, I hope you ment me.
Thanks for the kind words, I hope you ment me.
Thanks for the kind words, I hope you ment me.
Thanks for the kind words, I hope you ment me.
Holy Mackeralandy I must have had a seizure

[ 12-13-2004, 12:44 PM: Message edited by: THECHUMSTAIN ]
YOu should see my handy work ;)

I hope the medicine finally kicked in John. The seizure must have locked the fingers on the post key. ;) Plus, you know I never have anything bad to say about you, all is good. Sorry we missed hooking up this year. We will make up for it next year. Maybe another shark trip for the future doctor?
:D :D

Phil, Can you fix John's finger or hands? That would be handy for him and you. The Stain is waiting for the rebuild. Hope the seizure is over soon buddy. ;) :D :D ;)

Thanks for the support on the Carpentry work. I am glad that you are happy and I really enjoyed getting back into it. I made a new friend and hope that we can get out next year and catch some big ole fish! See ya soon!

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