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Looking for a good Carpenter around the Woodbury, NJ area to do some crown moldings, a couple of shelves, baseboards my daughters bedroom. Paint the same. Not a big job, but I need someone. Or, someone who wants to make some $$$ on the side? The last guy I hired could not make the corners come together or match. Caulk doesn't cover all mistakes. Anyone do this or know of anyone good in who would be interested?
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The corners are supposed to match??
Caulk and paint. Everything matches.

I apologize for the sake of brevity I did not articulate it very well. The crown molding has designs in it, apparently the first time he did not make sure they were flush with the ceilings. So, when the grooves and line were suppose to be aligned to meet, they were way off. It was like mismatching wallpaper. He came back and corrected it, said I can't believe I walked out with it looking like this. "It must have been a bad day for me."
Putty & paint makes it what it ain't. :D :D

If you can get the Rodfather, you won't be sorry. I have seen his work.
Hey Capt.,

Just making a own carpentry "skills" require lots of spit and putty....
I vote for Rodfather.
I can't find his website now, but he has some nice work on it.

Crown molding is tough because it is 3 dimensional
I am not upset. I thank you for making me read the next time before I post. It was not clear what I was trying to say from my feeble mind, and trying to be brief.

My carpentry "skills"(less) is for me too try and find the left handed screw driver the guy told me to buy several years ago. :confused:
:D :D
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To all who helped:

I have heard from Rodfather, and thank all of you for your input. I just sent him and email saying he comes highly recommended or is it because he is the moderator? ;)
:D :D
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prolly the ladder :eek: :eek: :eek: ..hehe..just kiddin....
A little caulk a little paint.....make a carpenter what he ain't.
Crown molding is only perfect in a perfect room-if the walls aren't straight as in plaster walls of from settling or poor construction you just wont have everything meeting exactly-sounds like you're expecting too much and your carpenter should have told you that before he started. People rarely look up and crown molding is something many will see but few will notice. Some guys are just better at hiding the imperfections than others. I was a carpenter for 15 years and now I'm a real estate appraiser so I see litterally hundreds of trim jobs a year and most of them I look at and just shake my head.

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Looks great now. It was, I didn't have time to do it right the first time, but had time to come back and do it perfect the second. I appreciate your point about things being square.

Streetman: I am going with Rodfather, sorry. Rodfather and I had been in contact before you posted. Welcome Back, my family and I thank you. Shoot me an email about what kind of job you do on the side. Maybe in the future or if I know of someone I can pass your skills along.
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