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anybody making mention of the striper tube at the tournys???? seen it first in my sportsfishing magazine had a pic, but I can't find any on the web

some snipits

Striper Tube TM utilized at CCA's Manhattan Cup (Continued)

The NSBA was the only participants granted permission by the CCA to use the device in the tournament to show its effectiveness in live-release striped bass tournament fishing. The CCA Manhattan Cup was an invitational tournament consisting of forty area professional fishing guides who provide their boats and expertise to individual teams competing for the largest striped bass, bluefish and weakfish among three categories (fly, artificial and bait). The boats launched from the Chelsea Piers in NY on the Hudson River and returned to an awards ceremony and reception where the winner of the event was decided. All of the competitors measured and recorded the length and girth of the fish out on the water and then immediately released the fish back into the Hudson. Proceeds from the tournament went to benefit several CCA projects.

The 13-gallons of water in the tube circulates up the inner tube past the striper (approximately 40-inches) by utilizing a 1000-gph bilge pump. The water then falls out of holes (at the top of the inner tube) down to a reservoir in the bottom of the outer box which is then picked up by the pump and is pushed back into the inner tube. The process the repeats over and over continuously adding oxygen into the re circulating water. Thus, the only source of aeration is gravitational fall of the water (approximately 34-inches) into the outer box. The fish are held head first in the black insert keeping the fish in a calm, sedated state while recovering from the angling stress. This also removes the fish?s desire to fight by balancing its equilibrium.

There were 2-positives found in this study and they are at the very core of the Striper Tubes?TM hypothesis. First, the stripers survived after holding them in a Striper TubeTM. Secondly, the blood chemistry analysis does prove the recovery of striped bass held in tubes. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that released striped bass held in a striper tube during the cooler months are not better off than those released at boat side.

The Striper TubeTM, was developed by NSBA President Warren Turner with the help of NSBA Vice President Bill Haire with the intention of starting the worlds only freshwater Striped Bass Tournament trail, the ?Shakespeare Striper Tour? which is open for weekend anglers and families to compete. After an overwhelming response to the trail, Turner and Haire developed the NSBA?s ?Gold Cup Series? for professionals wanting to take their skills to the highest level. ?The professionals on the NSBA?s ?Gold Cup Series? are mandated to keep their fish alive for release, and the competitors on our open ?Shakespeare Striper Tour? are rewarded with bonus points and prizes for doing so? said Turner. ?The device is very easy to use and simple in design, and is also applicable for recreational anglers on private and charter boats to use. If a captain has a client who only wants to keep one fish, they can cull their fish as the day progresses, releasing the smaller fish with out having to kill them.?
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