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With all this rain & wind we have been experiencing, might want to check your builge pumps on a regular basis (or have your buddy do it for you). Dosen't take much to foul one or drain your batts ;) .
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Thank you for taking the time to put this post up.I'm sure it will be helpful to people.It was for me.
You are most welcome ;) . We can't think of everything "all" of the time but reminders seem to come in handy. Glad all's well.
Good reminder as I have checked both boats last couple of days. Its nice to set up a buddy system as we have in seaisle
Great point Clamchucker. I went down to check on my boat this evening. It took me 2 hours to wait out the tide on Great Bay Blvd. I hit my first washout at about 40 mph and thought my truck was a gonner. Then I got over the 1st bridge at First Bridge Marina and the road disapeared. I went about 40 yards and decided that I was not going to risk my truck to try to go any further. So I waited at the bottom of the bridge for the tide to fall. A few minutes later 4 trucks came up and tried to go through but had to turn around. We took a 2 hour WaWa break and gave it another go. All that and boat was fine. We got a little water out and checked the rest of the boats in the marina. Then we went next door and checked on a friends that was fine also but we did watch 2 with a sump pump working on a boat at Rands.
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I hear ya, better safe than sorry. I fear many may not fair so well as she's still comming on for the next day or so..... :rolleyes: . Pumped out a 25 Proline this morning (fish scales had fouled the pumps & drained the batts) that was well below waterline. Good timeing "bumping" this up for others ;) .
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