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Hey guys

I plan on doing some night fishing off my dock right by townsends inlet for stripers. There are lights on the dock and always a decent amount of bait around, should I drop some chum in to attract more?

Also, if I plan to fish around midnight, what time should I put in the chum? Should I match my bait to the small baitfish I see or stick with the big plugs (bomber A, x-rap jointed shad, surface chuggers) I was going to use?

What about the tide? If I'm right by the inlet, which tide do I want to fish for the stripers? Should I send my plugs out far or fish them around the pilings?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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try to match what is in the water this time of year, small & sloooooow and try to cover as much area as you can I llike out going water in the back
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