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CISP front vs. back side?

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I may be able to get down to CISP Saturday evening. From the looks of it I'll be getting there just as the tide begins to turn to incoming (around 8pm). Any recommendations on whether I should make the walk out front or stay in the back? Also, what should I target? I read one report that said tiderunners are back and another about throw-back flatties. Because of arrive time, I'll need to get bait before heading down so any help is appreciated. If you like, you can email me directly. [email protected]
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You are right Low Tide Sat.Ngt. is 7:56PM
at the RushChattin Bridge...
That gives you a good two hours before the
tide really starts to move and the Boat/Ski
Traffic dissapears on you..
That makes for a good time to work the Shellbeds
to the left of the BoatRamp towards the Point..
You Might Find Some Weakfish or Bass...If Nothing
on the Point.. Check out under the lights of
the bridge,there might even be some available
bait you can cast net.Then Fish Off The Bridge..

Good Luck,,
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Blues will also be there. Nothing big, but theyre fun.
Thanks for the input. As it turns out, I was not able to make it down. I just hate it when I have fishing plans and the wife has other plans... for me! :mad:
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