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Was looking to try CISP this weekend, but was unsure as I haven't heard (or read) any reports from there this season. Has the winter destroyed the fishing there?
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This time of year its the boats & PWC that destroy the fishing there.
Go at night.
I went last night got 1 blue. Nats were all over
TI guys ,, it has been worth the trip ,, but not on weekends do the evening thing ,, don't expect weakies,, but blues were abundant in good size and a few short bass being taken ,,
I concur with fishcounselor. I've caught may nice size blues, but no weakies this year.
Thanks guys, I might try the other end of the island. I'll report back either way.
got some nice blues before memorial day and on poppers, fun!!!!!!!!!
Fished there Monday for a while (in a boat), caught several blues and a weakie. Hope my boat didn't "destroy the fishing" for anyone!
I fished CISP yesterday (wed) and caught two nice size blues. The first one was about 22" and the secon was about 20". Both were caught on metal, about 5 minutes apart from eachother. There were a lot of boats/skis out there, especially for a weekday.
How do you get to CISP? Do you go over the bridge near the Deaville (sp.). Where can you park? I sometimes go to the beach by the Deaville under the bridge by walking down the path. Is that area considered CISP?
It's on the O.C. side...there is a parking lot on the right
just over the second bridge coming out of Strathmere.
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