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Clean Sweep report 4/10

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I talked to Timmy around 2:30 and he said that they caught right around 30 Bass in the 3 hours they fished! They were heading to another spot to try and find some bigger fish.

SRY, that's all the info I received.

I'll be going out tomorrow with a crew of 5 guys from the barn, including Ron R. I'll let you all know how we make out.

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Originally posted by Striper101:

I'll be going out tomorrow with a crew of 5 guys from the barn, including Ron R. I'll let you all know how we make out.
I'm looking forward to it Paul! See ya in the a.m

Timmy...I vote you make tomorrow the day you find a pod of LARGE. How's that sound :D
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Hi All. I was on that trip today and it was a lot of fun! Beautiful day on the bay. We ended up with about 35 fish, didn't find any big 'uns though. I was high hook of the day. I just love when that happens! ;)
Hope the weather turns out okay for your trip Ron, the forecast is for a little bit of w**d.
Just love that boat, nothing like zipping across the bay at 50 miles an hour.
Thanks to Lenny, and Capt. Tim and Capt. Jason for the invitation! I had a blast! :cool:

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Hey Patti,
WTG! Great job out there! I talked to Timmy while you were zipping across the bay! Glad to see you showed the guys up! ;)
Thanks Paul. Timmy made me say it!
Patti, I didn't know that you were on that ship, you didn't wave when we stopped in there to finish our day looking for a few big ones yesterday. We ended the day with about 30 fish , but none over 34. I saw him again today on my way out, but he was gone in an hour as I went back in at 930 after catching a couple - it was quite snotty! Hope to see you soon! Dennis the Margaritaville
Hi Dennis,
I saw you come over. You didn't see me wave at ya! Monday was quite a snotty day and I was glad I went the day before.
Wednesday, I was out and had the same winds NE 25-30 in the afternoon so I stayed just above the canal and in tight to the beach. We had good fishing there too, 13 fish, nothing bigger than 31". If my brother would have helped me catch some of the fish, I know we could have done better!! ;) ;)
I guess I'll see you at the dock soon.
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