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Hi Gang, just a quick FYI that our new Croc Spoons are moving faster than I expected this season.

They are now available in three sizes: 3oz, 5oz and 7oz. If there is demand I am willing & able to cut a die for a 9 oz product.

The GOLD are basically all gone already and on dealers shelves, we still have a decent inventory of Chrome, both Plain Chrome and Chrome + a USA made high quality Holographic Sticker.

You can find them at

Sportsman's Center
Sportfishin Outlet
Brielle's Basin
Trophy Tackle
Reel Seat
onboard the Jamaica Boats
J&H Fishing Outlet


As far as when we are going to have MORE product, I did just send 5,000 VMC Siwash hooks to our factory and we will have more product in 45 to 60 days. Unf. its a lengthly process to make them right and I will run 75% in GOLD to satisfy everyone's request. Of course then next year everyone will ask for Chrome, but that is the nature of this business :D

Last year photo - this year 100% VMC hooks

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