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Cobia 2005

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Has anyone out of s. jersey caught any cobia this year. Iv'e seen a bunch and now have my first for 2005. It went 41 inches 29lbs. great fight, lost second and much larger one.
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Nice Cobia AndyV,
What did you catch it on ?


We had one around the boat 2 weeks ago at East Lump but we couldn't generate any interest. Still working on my first!
this years fish ate a big bucktail with rubber worm. They followed to the top a number of times, finally bit right at the boat.
we where at cm reef two came up to the boat. seemed they were interested in minow bucket. floated minow without hook no luck. got a spinner 12lb test with 1/2oz jig pearl finesse went for it. great fight 37" 18lbs.
hey squidder
yeah, nice fish, they are quite a curious fish, any other cobia with them? were you drifting or did you have them in your vision? Last year i had one that went just shy of 51 lbs, over 4 foot at the same spot as this years. Won angler of the week in the Fisherman of 9/9/2004 edition. Ive been looking, and this years fish was the first sightings for me. there were others but it seems as if there is alot of other anglers also in the hunt and the others just wouldn't chew, and i just about threw the tackle box at them.
Ive never caught/ seen a cobia before, but have read about them hoping to catch them, mainly down in the OBX. I dont have a boat, but have heard of a way to draw in cobia after a day of fishing, that you guys otta try one day. If you go out to the reefs for fluke or ofshore or something, Bring a spare anchor, bouy and bag of chum. Attach the bag of chum to the bouy, and attach that to the anchor. Drop the ensomble at a likely spot, but somewhere where there probably wont be many other fishermen, on your way out to the fishing grounds. Leace a little early and check the bouy, and if all goes according to plan, there should be cobes around, as well as other fish that are drawn to the chum.
Worth a shot if youve got a boat.
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