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If you are heading out for Cod we have in a fresh supply of Octopus Skirts for dressing up your bait rigs and metal jigs. Plenty of stock of both the 3.5" 1 gram and 4.8" 1 gram. The 3.5" come in 5 colors and the 4.8" come in the same colors plus rootbeer so six colors for the 4.8" - both are the same price $1.25 per package of 5.

We also have Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks in 5/0. These are available professionally snelled on #80 straight stalk leader (ie it doesn't come on spools) so the rigs stay straight and tangle free in packages of 5 pcs. These are a great upgrade to the low end hooks that you typically find snelled and ready for use.

Welcome to!

Sometimes the glow do bring on the doggies but them again I've had trips when I've been the only one using them at the rail and catching. Last yr on Kil's trip on the Atlantic Star I nailed 5 tiles, one right after another, on a jig with the blue 3.5" 1g ones on the teaser....guys next to me Sea Bass no Tiles.

The Pink Head Glow body is a producer as well, but in the Winter I like the Blue ones.

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