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Color Fishfinder...

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I'd like to hear what color fishfinder your are using and your experience

Looking for a new middle of the road color finder will be used bass, drum and tog fishing

Most crucial is the finders ability to differenciate bottom compostion, soft mud, hard mud, sand, shellfish beds, algea beds.

300-500$ price range..

lets hear it thank you
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Congrats on 7grand...
Congrats on 7grand...
thanks bill! long time no talk, I hope you and Tom will join us on Butch's Boy'Z this year for some striper slaying.:thumbsup:

unfortunately I think, above all else, 7,000 posts shows I have way to much time on my hands!!!:D:D:D
Kliner and I got a Raymarine DS 500x last year and it made us look a lot smarter:D We bought the floor model and I think it was between $400-500.
got a refurbed Raymarine DS600X with Transome Mount Transducer for $325.95. Great machine
I got a Raymarine DS500X for $275 delivered w/ducer. Way below retail. Not refurbished.
Bethel Marine.

Very nice unit for the money.
Try to go with with Furunoif you can. Also take a look at the Garmin FF...they have come a long way!
I got a Raymarine DS500X for $275 delivered w/ducer. Way below retail. Not refurbished.
Bethel Marine.

Very nice unit for the money.
i was wrong.
I got mine at the same place,
i remember the story, that the woman at Bethel marine told me.
that raymaine found some of these units in a warehouse (ups/fedx) and the 600s had their boxes water damaged so they were shipped in the reman. boxes.
sitex cvs106

I know some others on here have bashed them, but I'm on my second one and have had great success with them (the first didn't die, I sold the boat with it on it). Also, fished a lot on a large charter boat that had one and the captain swore by his to. You can pick them up cheap on ebay. The other unit you can pick up cheap that has a good reputation is the Furuno 585. I've never used one, but I heard good things about them.
Try to go with with Furunoif you can. Also take a look at the Garmin FF...they have come a long way!
I got the Garmin 400C $380.00 for the dual Freq. the unit is nice but works best when in manual mode. The auto mode does great when you are running 25 knots looking for bait fish, and don’t want to mess with it. The auto will help you find the structure but to hone in on it you will want to adjust your gains. But again this is the way most are mint to be used and most work best on manual. Do wish the screen was a little bigger.
Crack open the wallet a bit wider!

:thumbsup:FCV585 FURUNO FCV585 COLOR FISHFINDER 8.4 in LCD DISPLAY:thumbsup:

This is the unit that replaced my old Ray-720. I am very impressed with it! But it is a bit above your price range. Good luck which ever unit you choose. If I was looking, I would buy this FF again. M.H.O.:wave:
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Furuno V585 color sounder.

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If you can fine the Raymarine Dx600 buy it,I had it for 3 years and loved it, work great for the Del Bay out to the Hot Dog,10ft to 250ft, Stripper,Drum,Tuna,Only Reason for not having it now is I sold the Boat,and This unit is in your Price Range

The Furuno was my first choice when I bought my boat in 2005. Ended up with the DS600 Raymarine.

The DS600 worked very well. It showed fish, bait, structure, and bottom composition. Occaisionally it would fog up on start-up, but it was a good FF. Sometimes at speed, it would lose bottom, but that was due to the tranducer placement. Whatever you get, be careful where and how you mount the ducer. And learn how to adjust the FF. Adjustments in gain, etc makes all the difference.

Nevertheless,I still wished for the Furuno.
Hey Josh....we got a Furuno 600L. Its an older model, we got it in 04. Great color FF that gives great bottom detail. This will be our 7th season with it and not 1 problem :thumbsup:. If you can find one I'm sure that you can get it for that price range. We paid $800 for it at the AC Boat Show and another $200 for the through hull ducer. That was heavily discounted though.

I'm sure that you'll be working the pit a few times with me this year. You can take a peek:thumbsup:
thanks gents, in progress of an electronic over haul.

much appreciated!

Contact me as I can get you deals on new electronics similar to what Alex got last summer plus I have a bunch of marine electronics out in storage I know longer use.
Where do I find a Raymarine DS600X with Transome Mount Transducer for $325.95? Thanks all for your help as always.
you are going to be limited in size in the 300-500 range. the 585 is a great unit boat show price 1250

fcv620-720 see EMC
You’ll have to Google Raymarine DS600,I seen it last week on one of the site for 395.00 forget witch one,the DS600X is 500watt had one for 3or4 year and Paid $900.00 Great unit sold the Boat
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