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Common Courtesy

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"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." -Charles H. Spurgeon

Boating is something many people like to do, whether it is Water-skiing in the Mullica once a summer, or shivering on a "15 boston whaler in the middle of the winter striper fishing. I have found that being a gentleman can go a long way. Fishing has been around since as far as history dates. Although obviously it has changed greatly over the years, one thing remains unchanged, and that is respect. More people than I like come blasting around a corner or through a bridge without looking or plowing through a popular fishing grounds swamping everyone in their path. People that slow down to check bridge paths or to go through a cluster of boats are regretfully few and far between. If there is one thing that has changed over these years I must say that it would be ignorance. Discourteousness is a plague. Every time I see someone slow down when they see they may disturb a boat or actually watch to see where they anchor and to watch for boats that they might interfere with their drift, I think, "Now that is a true gentleman who knows what it means to respect other people." Now, I've been cut off, chased out from a bridge, been cut-off by someone anchoring, and so on and so forth and I know how aggravating it is. Most of the fall populi in the back bays and inlets know how to keep an eye out and how to respect fellow anglers. So I must ask, "how can someone be so oblivious to the 22' mako coming through the bridge?" (etc.) I've have heard people argue through the radio or fight person to person and they truly go a long way to display publicy how much of an *** they are. The other day, my father and I were fishing the back bays and a boat that had been anchored up was pulling up tog and some small striper. As they were leaving and on their way past us, they asked, "Would you guys like some bait?" and gave us in excess of a dozen green crabs. They even went as far to tell us where the fish were sitting and how they caught so many. I was impressed by their kindess and generosity and only wish their were more of those gentleman around these days. I leave you with this quote.

"Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how." -Samuel Johnson

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you will not get much in the way of ,"you are right" hear.i am only 30 years old and i know of what you speak!! my grandfather and father have shown me the way,and most now!! do not know how to be able to take others thoughts and feelings into concern,let alone show you some has become a everything about "me" thing and no one can do any wrong.if i ran over you fish? you should of not been fishing there!!!!and i can go on and on.just seems that noone seems to care see it in fishing ,but i see it more in the "other"world we live too??in 10 years things are gonna be so bad the "old ways of thinking will have been long sad??????? good fishing ,matt
capt'n Keeler, the mere fact that you took the time to write that shows me you are one of the very few gentelman who fish.
I'm in my middle 60's and have been on the water for over 50 yrs and I can say " people aint what they used to be"

tight lines,
Tony ;) ;)
There's definately hope for the future. I learned how to be courteous on the water from my father and grandfather, and you can be sure my daughter and son will learn the same from me. I'm not saying I don't make mistakes at times, but the difference is that I understand what I have done wrong and am apologetic. Some people today don't know that they did anything wrong, and when told they don't care.
I agree but I think the biggest problem is the ones who aren't could care less.
Keep in mind that millions of people do good things everyday, only a few bad apples make the news.

It's like food, a bad meal stays with you a long time, etc etc.

I agree 110% with Capt K, being kind and courteous goes a long way and is usually appreciated.
My kids and I enjoy the wake caused by a boat doing 45mph.

For the most part I have found that people with a fishing pole are nicer than your average person.
Good post. The main thing is not to let the ignorant people ruin your day. If someone is rude that's how they will be and you can't change that. Stay happy if your getting waked your fishing and that's better than just about anything else. Am I right?
Nice post Capt. Keeler, and good attitude Vitalsigns! I'll try to take that with me.
Today while anchored up in the Del Bay and chunking up a storm, I had two encounters. One boat 50 yds at full speed at the stern and another 50 ft off the bow. I had a great day nevertheless......
thanks for the comments guys
Great topic. This should be a mandatory topic to get your boating license.

My father always told me treat people the way you expect to be treated. A good rule of thumb, see how the shoe fits on the other foot.
One of the prblems with understanding courtesy on the water is so few really know the rules of the road.

If I'm running a channel and fishermen are obstructing it by being anchored or drift fishing...who is in the wrong??? Me throwing a medium but not dangerous wake or the guy obstructing the channel?

Who is right...the guy heading out towards a bridge but crossing right to left in front of me and we almost collide???

The guy tied to a bridge and yells at my 2 foot wake while I'm navigating with following current???

You see there are a lot of situations where tempers flare...but one person is totally correct in the eyes of the maritime rules of the road and the other person is not....the one in the right is bound by the rules to hold course and speed and while responsible for their wake... is also just normally navigationg an area that shoild be free of obstructions.

While I agree it could be better out there...a bunch of the complainers are just as ignorant of rules and maritime courtesies as the other "real" jerks out there.
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what may surprise most of you is that i'm only 16 years old.
what ya doing up after mid nite on a school nite :D

ya know some weekends there is so many boaters out that to hold a corse or your speed is almost impossable.

so do the best you can to avoid fleets try and pass thier bows if thier anchored,and so on.

good luck
Your age does suprise me. Don't be discouraged by the me,me,me crowd. You know whats right.
The more I fish, the more I dislike fishing on the weekends.

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