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I got there at 2:30 after class, parked at the boathouse and fished until 4:15pm cause I had crew practice at 4;30pm.

The wind was blowing strong directly up the river (river starts in the east and drains west to the deleware, so it was blowing west to east). The water level was way up from that down pour this morning and the rain from last night. The water clarity was well, probably close to zero.

I decided that since the wind was really kickin, i'd tie on something heavy and just cast with the wind as i worked the bank, starting at the boathouse and working my way towards rt130. So i pulled out my only spinnerbait i had left form last season, 1/2 oz i think, white skirt, colorado + willow blades. Cheapo from dicks. About 5 casts in, and the way i'd like to imagine what happened ;) , was that i had a bite and the fish hung me up on some submerged structure. In reality, i have a feeling i let the spinner sink to far down in my retrieve pause and it got lodged in some cement rubble. I tried de-lodging it but it broke off close to the knot.

I don't have a huge selection at the moment, it seems near the end of season in oct i must have lost quite a few lures.:rolleyes: Anyways i tie on a 0-6m shallow crankbait in a babybass paint scheme. I work that for the rest of the time. On my last cast of the day(i walked from the boat house about 1/2 mile working the bank losely until i got close to 130 and worked my way backmore heavily) near the boat house, off a strom drain pipe, i cast out and begin to work the crank in and bam, i got a hit, a reasonably large hit.

Catfish...not big, probably about 2.5lb-3lbs or so. But i was reeling him in with only one point of the rear treble hook in his stomach (the outside, not gut hooked). No mouth hook. Not even close. It was hook almost dead when you wacky rig a senko.

The way i see it the fish probably didn't even hit the bait, i probably ran him over :p with the crank. I unhook the thing, no blood, tiny little hole and let'em go.

Atleast it wasn't a skunk but it was by far the strangest hook set i've ever had.
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