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Corsons Inlet ramp

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Can you take a 13' whaler from the inlet to Peck Bay via the Intercoastal Waterway during low tide? Also, where is the Ocean City Municipal ramp? Is that on Waterway Rd.? I'm getting off this Mt. around April 5 and bringing my 8 year old down to try and catch some fish. I hope the weather is better than last year.
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Yes you can in a 13 whaler. The municipal ramp ( need to pay ) is at Tennesee Ave, just north of the OC airport, Corson's is free.
Thanks for the reply blackfin.
No dock :( at corson's so bring your waders to launch.
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The Corson's Inlet State Park ramp is now $5.00. As a result the State Rangers closed off the ramp next to the Corson's Inlet Bridge but Strathmere's ramp is free as is the ramp next to Whale Creek Marina.
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