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Crabbing questions and boat rentals

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Anyone have information about crabbing in the Patcong creek/river? I had crabbed there for a few seasons only to have it wiped out by a commercial crabber in 2 seasons :mad: Has anyone crabbed there recently? Does anyone run that creek? and if you do, is it loaded with crab pots? Is that boat rental place...used to be "Misty morning " .....still there?

Are there any other areas with good crabbing right now? With boat rental places? anywhere from Ocean City to Cape May

My Skiff needs some minor work so this weekend is out for my boat hence the need for a rental boat.

Thanks in advance!
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Misty Morning is still there. I had breakfeast in the new restaurant there, which BTW, was very good and renovated very nicely. While I was there I noticed a family departing for what appeared to be a crabbing trip in a rental boat but I didn't get any details.

Larer on my son wanted to take my grandchildren crabbing and tried calling them for information and left 3 voice mails but never got a return call. :confused:
Your talking about TJ'S, Misty morning has no restaurant. Unlees were talking about 2 differant places. Misty Morning on the pactong creek is at the base of the bridge on 559, Tjs is on the other side. I dock at somerset cove, which is basicly attached to mm.
The restaurant is at the marina on your right hand side at the base of the bridge on rt 559 as you are driving away from Somers Point. I think it just opened this year. I read about it in the Nor Easter Mag. It's in an old building but completed renovated inside.
Thats the one, I think it is called Clam Shack or something along those lines, it used to be the owners home back when it was Gateway marina, about 6 or 7 yrs ago.
Try Dividing Creek on 553 on the Del Bay. Plenty of boat rentals, crabs and great restaurant.
went out this morning to a secret spot , not in your area but caught a full bushel of keepers in just 2 hours. water was so bad, we got to wet and cold and headed in. 30 traps me and my son and his buddy. in a boat with all chicken. 2 weeks ago we got 1 3/4 bushels in about 6 hours, keepers. the good crabbing is here now and for at least the next month or two.the are ready. about time because this has been my worst season in 6 years of serious crabbing. brown bob
Still got an ailing motor there Jimmy? Get that thing fixed now so its ready for stripers buddy. Good luck!
Originally posted by Rageboat:
Still got an ailing motor there Jimmy? Get that thing fixed now so its ready for stripers buddy. Good luck!

The Bawugna's motor is still bad but it does run right in cold water :D I am going to ge that fixed this year even if in means tossing a NEW motor in the trash and starting all over again.

The boat I dropped off for work this Saturday was my Carolina skiff. It has a Johnson 48 Special O/B on which the tilt ram goes bad every few years. It is an easy fix when you have the right tools. Barnacle Bills will have it in shape by Friday.
Bowanda Restaurant is on North East side, called "Up The Creek" Right next to TJ's rental boats, crab and fishing baits & plenty of information. TJ's cell 609-374-7342.

Now to your original questions. Crabbing has been decent up Patcong, no commercial guys there at present. High tide currently early afternoon. Have a great trip. Ron

Thanks much for the Patcong info! We started crabbing there after a commercial guy hammered the cuts around the 34th street bridge (we crabbed there for about 5 years.) We did the Patcong for about 2 or 3 years. Numbers were decent, 4 to 6 dozen per trip, but the size was amazing and the taste..........they had this sweet taste that had to come from the high cedar influence in the water.

We were eventually chased out of that area by a commercial guy who really worked it hard :mad: The last season we went there we caught in a season what we used to catch in a trip.

I will give that place another shot and will be checking other areas out too.

Thanks to all.
Bawugo Talked with TJ this AM said he hung up on a # he didn't know. Thought it might be you. Got his tackle shop # 609-927-3002 Hope you have a good trip. High tide today Wed the 22nd is around 2PM. Ron
I want to thank all you guys for the info you put out here on crabbing at the Patcong. Sparse, thank you especially!

Well, I ran down to the area on Saturday and got there about noonish. The Low tide was at about 1:30 and that is MY TIDE. I was hoping to get there a bit earlier but I had to replace the Hydrofoil stabilizer and pick the boat up from Barnacle Bills and run across the state.

We got there and had a hard time finding a ramp that is launchable at low tide. I found a place to launch and off we went. We ran just a short distance to the first of my old spots. Squeezed into some very skinny water and started crabbin. The second the bait thawed the action started :cool: Kim has never crabbed before and was surprised at how much fun it is. The crabs were snatching the baits and running all over the place, I even caught one that just happened to walk calmly by!

In 2 hours and 2 spots (within a few hundred yards of eachother), we had 4.5 dozen crabs all over 5 inches! I use a hunk of wood with a 5 inch space cut in it to measure the crabs.....sorta like a caliper....we call it "the wood" or a woodiper. We only tossed back about a half dozen crabs....they were legal by the regs (4.5 inches,) but did not meet my standards.

We cleaned them up and off we went. We cooked a dozen and let me tell ya..........they had that sweet Patcong river taste I remember!
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