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Seeker BA30 7' near pefect condition, fished once.

Penn320ld - three seasons old in excellent condition w/box and clamped on the rod.

Strung with brand new Momoi Diamond 30 lb that has never been in the water.

LOL even has a 9/0 Mustand and a fishfinder already on it from a trip I never took.

IMO this is an excellent big fish rod for chunking large bunker baits, drum fishing and inshore trolling. The rod is medium action and pretty stout. You could bottom fish with it as well in those situtions where a load of weight is required to hold bottom.

I have caught several large (30lb class) stripers on the reel and never had one go more than 20 yards with properly set drag.

Call 856-912-3531 for prompt pick up please.
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