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There will be a bus leaving from Cape May N.J. going to DC for the feb 24th rally to take a stand for our "right to fish. It's the local sponsors that have made it all happen, plus Tournament Cable has donate a package worth over $500.00 and one lucky person on the bus trip will win (a ticket will be pulled out of the hat). we have a few more sponsors coming onboard.

If you are truly interest in going please email me asap first come first serve bases bus is filling up quick.


Sea Tow Cape May
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[email protected]

Steve Spagnuola
Northstar Marine /Sea Tow Cape May

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Chuck and I are glad to be sponsors, and to help out in any way we can. It is important that our voices be heard and our presence be felt in Washington, so that further damange is not done to our industry and to a passtime so many of us are so passionate about.

While no one will argue that statues and limits need to be set, these need to be REASONABLE and backed with actual scientific data, not data that was twisted, skewed or fabricated to fit someone's political or monetary agenda. We, as anglers and watermen, are as concerned about the future of the fisheries as any politician or ecologically minded organization, perhaps even moreso.

For everyone not familiar with what we're talking about here, the RFA and our friends from all along the coast will be gathering together in Washington DC on February 24, 2010 at noon on the steps of our nation's Capitol in an organized demonstration against the unintended negative impacts of the Magnuson Stevens Conservation and Management Act (MSA) in order to make sure that the concerns of American recreational fishermen are truly heard in Washington. Together with our friends from the Conservation Cooperative of Gulf Fishermen, United Boatmen, New York Sportfishing Federation, Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen's Association, Save the Summer Flounder Fishery Fund (SSFFF), Marine Trades Association of New Jersey (MTA/NJ) and the Fishing Rights Alliance, we're hoping to see several thousand recreational fishermen like yourself standing together in support of the Flexibility in Rebuilding American Fisheries Act of 2009. HR 1584 is sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone and supported by 25 additional co-sponsors, while the senate version of the bill, S 1255, has been sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer and has just recently added its first cosponsor (Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand).

With the participation and support of anglers like you, the RFA believes we can encourage more Senators and Congressmen to sign on to this valuable piece of legislation, supporting real science based management and the conservation of our marine resources while also being able to sustain recreational fishing activities along our coasts. Efforts are now being coordinated in coastal states around the country to help get fishermen to DC on February 24.

Anyone interested in coming with us, PLEASE contact Steve (F.Stop) as soon as possible and get a seat on the bus. Chuck and I are thrilled to be able to be a sponsor for the bus leaving from Cape May. It is important that we let our voices and opinions be heard in this matter.

I hope to see you all in DC.

Kelly Archibald
Tournament Cable
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