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Good winter project that you can make in the comfort of your own home most of the stuff you can buy at home can build a dc kit for under $50.00
Build your own Damage Control Kit

By Stephen Spagnuola AMSEA Drill Instructor Sea Tow Cape May/Northstar Marine

A Damage Control Kit, or DC kit is an essential piece of survival equipment that every boat should have regardless of its size. Often overlooked a DC kit can fix a crack in the hull, a broken though hull, a leaking rudderpost and an exhaust leak. A DC kit is simple to make and should be custom made to meet the needs of your boat. DC kits are also inexpensive to make and most of the supplies in the kit you can find at your local hard wear store and marine stores. Most importantly DC kits can save both you and your boat when in peril.

DC kit essentials:

1.Cedar plugs (to plug though hulls & holes)

2.Cedar shingles & shims (to fix leaks in strut mounts, rudder post mounts and cracks in hull)

3.Carpet padding (to pack under and around leaks)

4.Duct tape (to wrap up and make quick fixes also great for holes leaks)

6. Box twine (for quick fixes on a variety of things till a more permanent item such as
A hose clamp can be put in place)

7.Rubber mallet (to drive in plugs and shims)

8.Hose clamps (have a variety of sizes to fix your boats needs)

9.Gasket material (to fix a variety of leaks)

10. Exhaust hose sleeve (cut a 8” to 14” piece of exhaust hose and cut it down the
middle to make a quick fix on a leak in your exhaust)

11.Nurf foot ball (a quick fix for the biggest hole on your boat the exhaust plug it up
with a football or large fender)

12. 5 Gallon bucket (to store all your DC kit needs as well as a way to bail out water)

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Great post!
I would add that on smaller boats, size the bucket to fit into the smaller hatches. 1 gal detergent or 2 gal square kitty liter buckets are easier to move.
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