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Delaware River Shad Report

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Shad Fishermen- Check It Out......

Delaware River Shad Report

[ 03-05-2004, 01:38 PM: Message edited by: NIGHTSTRIKES ]
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Nightstrikes, Thanks for the up date. Going to do some shad fishing this year for the first time and I'm pretty excited about it. Mike it's all most time. :D The clock is ticking.... ;)
Hooked- Be careful when you go shad fishing with mike. When he took me last year, all I caught were carp!!

Maybe I'll tag along with the old retired guys again this year.
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Sebastian,I think that would be a great idea a Green Wave get together... Is that a new name MIKE THE CARP.. :D :D Mike's the master I'm the grasshopper.
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Hooked, Mike ain't a carp. He's more like a blue claw crab who woke up on the wrong side of the bed! You realize that when he sees this, we're both dead.

Count me in for the Green Wave outing. Of course, I'll need a doctor's note to get out of work. Maybe we all can make the trip down to Conniwingo Dam and hook into some monster carp again.
You two morons couldn't land a shad if I put it on your hook!!!

But maybe I'll let you tag along anyway!
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Please Please Please!!!!! ;) Sabastian I think we touched a nerve
and where dead meat, one mentor coming up!!!!!!!! :D
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I think that this shad stuff is FLAT out BS once again the comms are getting the shaft in NJ . I fishpicker once started MY year off in NJ catching shad . For some unknown reason I'm no longer aloud to to harvest them in NJ waters . So why are thousand aloud to line the banks of the DEL river to harvest them . ( Total BS ) {you can hate me all you want But right is right } .

The truth is that the shad swim with one other fish, Just like the Spiny shark and the blue fish . YUP you guessed it the striped bass .

So here it is folks is this right or is this greed ? Greed of one group wanting all fish to be put on the game fish list ? LAME !!!!

The sad thing is that the Comms are gonna catch the same amount , The big difference is that VA and MD will be showing it Not NJ . Oh don't get me wrong I'm pissed ! Wouldn't you be mad if you had to spend a month away from home for know reason . All because a lame a$$ excuse . Your right I don't have to go . Then again I could collect welfare right ?

So as you guys and girls are casting your darts remember fish picker and his boys down south are getting SCREWED ! Not by you or your groups mind ya But by POLITICS !!!!!!! Is That fair????? :confused:
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Can anyone verify that the Trenton Power Plant is open for fishing?
Bill, since things change constantly it's best to call ahead. Here's the number - 609-599-7041.
I used this number last year to check to see if the gate was open.
Bill ,
Yea it's open. :D

Even though it's a little early i'm gonna check it out on monday while i shake down my rig .
Who knows i may even try for some eye's if the boats running ok.
Oooooop's there i go assuming you meant by boat

I don't know if land access is open but i'll see when i'm there.
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Fish Are Jumping The Dams.....
<a href="" target="_blank">
Originally posted by Mike:
You two morons couldn't land a shad if I put it on your hook!!!

But maybe I'll let you tag along anyway!
:D :D :D
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Mike's a real sweet talker ain't he?
sebastian, Have you ever know Mike to suger coat anything. :D
Fishpicker, You must have done something not to be able to catch Shad because at last months RFA meating I asked the speaker if comm's were aloud to take Shad and the answer was YES! This was from a officer from and wildlife. This seems to be more misinformation like how you claim the RFA has a vote on the size limets! ;)
was thinking of going shad fishing, but can anybody give me some tips how to bone those babies out.

thanks for the advice

the beav
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