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Delaware river stripers

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I fished saturday morning tide and netted 2 nice stripes off of pennsgrove. 1 38" and 1 36" on bloods.Water is still a little murky but hope by the middle of the week it will change Not to much going on yet behind the DOD in Pedricktown but that will change by the middle of the week .I plan on hitting the hole in there on wedesday,and if i do good i will post info on here to my fellow bass barn bud's. Till next time fish hard and work less .
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Thanks for the update! & Welcome to the barn!
Was the Road to DOD open?Thanks HRL
:rolleyes: No i was out in my boat,but by the looks of the place it is closed tight.I heard the NJSP use humvees from the base to keep a close eye on the place now,it is all overtime work for them.But the road Troopers still watch the outside like a hawk. If your are caugth trying to climb a hill or fence when they are riding down Rt 130 it's curtains for you.But you now how rumors are , so i would tread lite around that place if it is true.There were guys on the beach out there saturday so who nows. :cool:
P.S. The state side is open up again down by the water tower but,the futher north after is the part i was telling you about the troopers controlling.But the lake side is open so you will be ok there. :cool:
Welcome,Good job and Thanks for the report!!!!
Has anyone seen or heard of any Herring woring there way up the river yet?
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