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Drag Setting and # Test in Yak

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After having some fish take line but not turn the nose of the yak, I tightened up the drag and had my first 'sleigh ride'. I was using 20# braid and was afraid it would break.

What # test should be used for the typical SJ summer yak trip? Are you setting drags for the fish to run or locking tight so the yak gets towed?
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I use 10# Power Pro in the yak with 15# leader. I set the drag just as I normally would off land. If I should get hung up I can still break it off without a great deal of trouble(the leader breaks 95% of the time). I have had at least 15 cownosed rays hooked up this year and can usually get them close enough to cut the leader within 5 min. or so. Wish I could do that off land. I do tend to palm the spool and put as much pressure as I can on them however. Even when that fish is taking line with the drag set normally you will still get a pretty good ride. I wouldn't set the drag too tight as it does take a few seconds to get the yak turned and moving.
I use the same line as CAPTKIRK, 10# Power Pro and 15# Fluorocarbon, on a small reel and 5' ultralight rod for kayak fishing. Works for me.
I use the same class of line (20lb PP)for both land and yak all season long,but go with a shorter rod (6.6")off the kayak.I can see a advantgage to using a lighter line during the summer on smaller fish...Drag set the same as well. Lose enough to let the fish run a couple of times,then tighten down to land...
I use a 7'6 rod or 9 ft flyrods - like the extra length for distance and clearing the bow.

I use the same line - 17lb Momoi or 30lb Power pro and drag is set normal as well.
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